Gary Busey arriving for a flight at LAX airport (6/7)

Honestly, I'm having a hard time believing this story. I think it's another case of the media trying to bring down a celebrity because they're jealous of how handsome he is. From the National Enquirer:
Wildman Gary Busey unkempt and scary-looking a usual while waiting for a flight to LAX - frightened a 60-ish man wearing a baseball cap decorated with a logo of a goose standing by a river when he stopped the startled fella in his tracks and honked: "I WANT THAT HAT! I'll give you two hundred bucks for it." Nervously declining, the man walked around the actor - who stopped him again and barked: "Okay, okay...I'll give you three hundred bucks for the hat! I really want it because I'm from Goose Creek, Texas, and it reminds me of home." Stunned, the guy had a sudden change of heart. "You've got a deal," he said, accepting $300 cash from loosey-goosey Gary - who slapped on the cap and headed for the wild blue yonder.
This is a pretty good example of the old saying "If a person's poor and weird, they're crazy; if they're rich and weird, they're eccentric." Of course Gary isn't the first celebrity to go around and pay people for their articles of clothing -- it's called "Tuesday through Sunday" for Kevin Federline at the Spearmint Rhino.

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