Christina McLarty and Joe Francis at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas last year

David Arquette's officially moved on from Courteney Cox. He took Joe Francis' ex-wife Christina McLarty to the Camp Playboy event at Comic-Con last weekend. Awww, skanks and nipple tassles. How romantic. From People:
Although approached by wrestler Alicia Fox - who invited him to a party - a chatty Arquette eventually made his way back to McLarty, and the duo "danced the night away together" on Friday, according to an onlooker.

The fun didn't stop for the pair. On Saturday night, the duo hit up the Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con party.
Even though David's moved on, you've still got to give Courteney some credit -- she did look super hot in The Longest Yard. But this new chick that David's banging just has that little something that Courtney will never have: her 30's. Of course turnabout is fair play, so if you consider that Christina used to be married to Joe Francis, she probably has something that Courtney will never have too: the CDC on speed dial.

*5 Christina McLarty pictures total in the gallery:

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