Dina Lohan might be on Dancing with the Stars

Even though you have to be at least a C-list star to be on the show, the New York Post is claiming that Dina Lohan is in talks to be on the next season of Dancing with Stars:
Dina Lohan says she's in talks to appear on "Dancing With the Stars." On Sunday, Lindsay Lohan's mom was overheard talking about her plans to appear on the ABC show as she celebrated her daughter's birthday at a private house in Water Mill dubbed the Ciroc Cabana Club.
As for who Dina's partner might be, expect her to pick someone whose fame she can exploit for her own personal benefit -- errrrrr, I mean someone who's really good at the tango. No homo but, ohhhh, I hope she's paired with Maksim!!! *swoon*

*5 Dina Lohan pictures total in the gallery:

  • Dancing Dina Lohan 1
  • Dancing Dina Lohan 2
  • Dancing Dina Lohan 3
  • Dancing Dina Lohan 4
  • Dancing Dina Lohan 5

  • LJ

    Since the women in this family seem to thrive on delusional speculation, I would assume the no one at ABC is aware that they are in talks with Ms. Lohan the elder.

  • Anonymous

    Disgusting. I would never watch that old hag do anything.

  • Paul

    Dina is a celeb, that people want to see and hear about. She mixes sex and news appeal.

  • JD

    Diana - Why did you refer to yourself as Paul???

  • JD

    "Stars"???? What a joke. They get nothing but has-beens, never-will-be's and over the hill athletes. Adding this dillusional old hag to the mix will send this show further down the drain.

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