Britney Spears performing in San Jose (6/18)

I know this may shock and surprise you, but a concert tour featuring a slightly overweight mother of two on anti-depressant meds is not exactly going well. From the National Enquirer:
Britney Spears' much-hyped Femme Fatale Tour is a huge flop -  but no one wants to tell her! Shielded by her handlers - particularly her conservator/dad Jamie and her former agent-turned-fiance Jason Trawick - the 29-year-old pop princess has no idea that her new concert series is bombing with reviewers or that tickets to the show are being sold at a deep discount by the coupon website Groupon.

"Britney thinks everything is going great," said an insider. "She's clueless!" While the dance-heavy tour opened in Sacramento to a capacity crowd, the truth is that Groupon had sold a large number of tickets at nearly half-price! And in some areas of the country, Groupon didn't even sell out their one-day offers to Britney's show.
I love that Britney is selling her tickets through a site that also sells $25 worth of credit at Joe's House 'o' Fried Things for only $10. It's like it was always meant to be.

*11 Britney Spears pictures total in the gallery:

  • Britney Spears Groupon FAIL 1
  • Britney Spears Groupon FAIL 2
  • Britney Spears Groupon FAIL 3
  • Britney Spears Groupon FAIL 4
  • Britney Spears Groupon FAIL 5
  • Britney Spears Groupon FAIL 6
  • Britney Spears Groupon FAIL 7
  • Britney Spears Groupon FAIL 8
  • Britney Spears Groupon FAIL 9
  • Britney Spears Groupon FAIL 10
[Flynet, Pacific Coast News]
  • Anonymous

    slightly overweight? what is a normal weight to you? an anorexic person?

  • Anonymous

    You know the economy is way bad when people cannot afford a Britney Spears concert. How bout soume stimulus money for concert goers.

  • nowthatstrailer

    Under the headline "Britney Spears Proves She's Still Got It at 'Femme Fatale' Tour Kickoff," Rolling Stone called it "possibly her flashiest, fastest moving, and most entertaining production" to date, noting her "skimpy and sparkling 'Barbarella'-esque outfits" and raving, "The pop star whose career seemed in danger of ending just a couple years ago has shown that she's back - hopefully this time to stay."

    The National Enquirer...really?

  • Lance

    Everyone knows that Rolling Stone, prints nothing but the truth, they don't make stuff up, or embellish the news. No media bias with RS. If I want honest news I go to RS.

  • Confused 2

    How would having two kids hinder her performance? I think its the economy, inflation and high gas prices. A lot of people have no money.

  • Anonymous

    They got lots of $$$ for concerts in California, their economy is booming.

  • Confused

    Um, how would being on anti-depressants hinder her performance?

  • anonymous

    with all the free p0rn on the internet, who the hell still tries to rub one out to Britney?

    you still using a dial up modem, too?

  • Litsa

    I tried to rub one out for the past 10 minutes, but she just doesn't do it for me.

    Too old and washed up.

  • A Man

    I would not pay 2 cents to see either britney or rihanna. They both suck.

  • Bubba

    This child needs to go back to her home on the bayou. There she can have babies, rest her mind and live in peace among her own kind.

  • Fawks

    I'm almost starting to feel sorry for her. I mean like above anon said: we already knew 13 years ago she was just the hot illegal jailbait of the moment we wanted to fuck, but still... time's been harsh on her lol.

  • Brittany S

    hey homies,

    they were selling rihanna tix on groupon for the miami show so big fing deal..ticket prices arent too high when you sell 2 for 1, duh

  • Unruly

    I mean, once you reach a point in your career where you fucking need "handlers"...


  • Anonymous

    I said it in 1998, I say it today: Shitney (was) just jerk off material.

    Real musicians grow old and wrinkled and still fill out big stadiums. Shitney's carrier was over when she started having a gunt, a C-section scar and cankles

    Now she looks ready to start giving handjobs and BJs for 20$ in the trailer park

  • That's Amore!

    Holy shit, that doesn't even look like Britney.

    And Christ, she's 29? I can't fap to that unless she's naked and taking it up the ass.

  • DJJ

    Of course they are having to discount the tickets. It's the economy stupid. Out of work and jobless people don't have lots of $$ to spend on overpriced concert tickets. Even the President admitted recently that times are tough. The Britster is looking good for her age. Her daddy is doing a good job of taking care of her.

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