Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel in 2009

Jessica Biel pretty much just called Justin Timberlake a pussy. There's really no other way to put it. From the National Enquirer:
Just a few months after her headline-making split from Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel has found herself a "real man" -- her hot Scot movie co-star Gerard Butler! The gorgeous actress is telling pals that Gerard is the complete opposite of pretty boy Justin - and that she likes his rugged ways. "Jessica used to laugh and say Justin kept more beauty products in the bathroom than she did," a friend told The Enquirer. "It would take him an hour or more to get ready to face the world in the morning."

"Gerard just seems to roll out of bed and seize the day. At first blush, Gerard doesn't seem to be Jessica's type - she's always gone for the metrosexual kind of guy," the friend continued. "Gerard is a bit coarse and rumpled around the edges, and that's like a breath of fresh air to Jessica after Justin."
Let this be a lesson to all the metrosexuals out there. Hot women like Jessica Biel don't like their men to be experts in hair products, skin moisturizers, and Fall colors. They like them to be able to lift heavy objects, kill scary spiders, and not care about their cuticles. It's why guys like Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, and myself always end up banging hotties and guys from Jersey Shore always end up sleeping with skanks that look like Snooki.

*30 Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Timberlake Metrosexual 7
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  • Timberlake Metrosexual 9
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 10
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 11
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 12
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 13
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 14
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 15
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 16
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 17
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 18
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 19
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 20
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 21
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 22
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 23
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 24
  • Timberlake Metrosexual 25

  • madmax

    hmm...thats why they keep saying she was his beard!!!!

  • upskrt celebs

    Justin Timberlake used to be "cool" but when you see him now he acts like he's the greatest thing since Jen Aniston's pussy.

  • So the National Enquirer is a credible source now? Oh wait, it never was or is.

  • Anonymous

    It was more credible than the MSM, when it came to John Edwards.

  • BBB

    He actually does seem pretty high maintenance and a bit girly....I mean what manly man would wear a fully denim outfit (pants, jacket, fedora) that matched his gf (Britney)??

  • Lance

    It is true. JT is metrosexual, but that is what sexy modern liberated progressive women dig.

  • James

    Yeah Vin Diesel is way gay. I just gave to him the other day. He likes to pretend he's a power bottom but we all know he is just a bottom.

  • Hawk

    Good luck with that Jess.

    Gerard is probably cheating on you right now.

  • Anthony

    You crack me up!

  • Rhino

    Good shit Slam!

  • Anonymous

    Sour grapes from a sour warped woman. Don't believe it.

  • Phooey640

    How can telling the truth be sour grapes? Jessica needs a man's man because her world class body should constantly being used for sexual purposes.

  • anonymous

    x2 I bet if JT booty called her right now she'd be over within minutes.

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