Tetyana Brazhnyk

Ukrainian model Tetyana Brazhnyk

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  • Tetyana Brazhnyk Desnuda 2
  • Tetyana Brazhnyk Desnuda 3
  • Tetyana Brazhnyk Desnuda 4
  • Tetyana Brazhnyk Desnuda 5
  • Unruly

    She's clearly an alien. Of the other-planetary variety.

  • Buffy

    This girl has the kind of figure that all women should strive for. She is slim with very little excess body fat. Its obvious that she eats right and eats little. She saves food for the world's hungry and starving people. Women of the Western World use this model as an example of how you should look. Just say NO to fat and over eating.

  • Anonymous

    Another Russian model, come to this country to spy on us and steal our military and industrial secets.

  • Hawk

    I love a model with a last name that's 99% consonants.

  • larry mulvihill

    someone feed her

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