Sophia Bush leaving the Byron & Tracey salon in Beverly Hills (5/12)

Settle down Sophia Bush. You're not that important. Via Contact Music:
Sophia Bush [of One Tree Hill] was forced to pull out of a trip to Afghanistan following the death of Osama Bin Laden amid fears the al-Qaeda leader's devotees would mistake her for former U.S. president George W. Bush's daughter.

In her blog for, she writes, "As threat levels in Afghanistan skyrocketed, my plans to travel there hit a wall. One military worker explained it to me this way, 'A 20-something brunette girl whose last name is Bush probably shouldn't be heading into Kabul right now. If they think you're the former President's daughter, you'd make quite a target for them'. The sentiment was unanimous: I should not travel into Afghanistan until the dust settles.

"So, Karen and I hatched a new plan. She was still going - she had been there many times before and wouldn't raise any suspicions by going back. And her passport doesn't bear an unfortunate political surname, the way mine does. (For the record, my dad is from Canada, and I am in no way related to President Bush)."
You've gotta be pretty self-centered to think that an entire terrorist network is going to be focus their energies on hunting you down and killing you. Newsflash Sophia: Everyone knows there are a ton of Bushes in the U.S -- just not in the porn industry. Besides, wasn't the whole purpose of going to Afghanistan in the first place to show the terrorists that you weren't afraid? Now Al Qaeda will be emboldened and may go after another soft target -- like the Statue of Liberty or Hugh Hefner's junk.

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