Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell at the FOX upfront presentation in New York (5/16)

Paula Abdul reuniting with Simon Cowell on The X Factor is going about as well as Jessica Simpson trying to calculate a the tip at a restaurant. "Numbers are dang hard!" A set insider told the National Enquirer:
"They seemed to be fighting over the direction the show is supposed to take. Paula shouted at Simon, 'This isn't "Idol" - you can't make the kids go home hating themselves!' It got so heated that they moved it into the dressing room and it lasted for almost an hour. After Paula finally emerged, her eyes were red and teary like she'd been crying and Simon was sweating profusely. Their makeup was running. They both had to have it redone."
Either the producers of this show are complete idiots that are shocked by all this over-the-top drama, or they're actually cunning geniuses that knew this would happen and are milking Paula's predictable break-downs for as much publicity as possible. Considering Simon Cowell is involved, I'll go with the latter. If that guy was able to convince the American public that man-boobs were acceptable for nine seasons, he can do anything.

*15 Simon and Paula pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Simon Paula Fight 15

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