Scarlett Johansson walking her dog in New York (5/8)

Well this relationship is going well. Sean Penn was almost able to date Scarlett Johansson for three whole months before rumors emerged that he was cheating on her. From the New York Daily News:
A source at the Cannes Film Festival says the 49-year-old Penn had friends of both the blond and brunette kind in a glass elevator at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes around 4 a.m. [on May 20]. The source tells us that after attending the black-tie amfAR benefit at the hotel and then a private yacht party with Jude Law, Penn returned to the hotel with the two "super-hot" women. The trio then proceeded to the hotel's glass elevator and ascended to one of the three-story property's higher floors.

"They weren't sharing the elevator. They were going up together," our source says.

Penn wasn't going to his room. The actor, who attended the festival with his 17-year-old son, Hopper, was staying on the hotel's ground floor, we hear.
Oh no, Sean's cheating on Scarlett? What is she ever going to do? How will a hot chick in her mid-20s with a huge rack and millions of dollars in the bank ever find another boyfriend? If Sean really is the kind of man she's interested in -- diminutive in stature, hates freedom -- perhaps Scarlett should start looking somewhere with plenty of those types to choose from: China Congress.

*6 Scarlet Johansson pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Sean Penn Cheating on Scarlett Johansson 2
  • Sean Penn Cheating on Scarlett Johansson 3
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  • Ol Hank

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing that stuck up arrogant bitch get cheated on, particularly by someone as old and ugly as Sean Penn. I hope it takes some of the hot air out of her. She needs it.

  • hmmmm

    Wow. Now I know:

    Celebslam commenters = Asshats.

  • Susan

    Like I've always said on the subject of cheating: "If he'll do it FOR you, he'll do it TO you".

    Any woman who knowingly dates/marries a cheater is willingly setting herself up for a life of suspicion and future heartbreak.

    She deserves what she got. Although I don't really think she'll spend too long before she lands on someone else's feet.

  • Charlie Sheen

    Penn deserves a medal for not only banging Scarlett Johansson in the first place, but to cheat on her then do her again. Hats off to the man.

  • Anonymous

    Nutcracker thighs!!!!

  • master yoda

    I doubt she will take long to recover. She seems to be cut from the same cloth.

  • crtb

    what did she expect? something different?

  • meatwad

    if i was sean penn, i'd bang em too

  • Anonymous

    About what you would expect from a pinko, communist, America hating, Stalinist, secret bed wetter, who is the son of an America hating communist and not very good actor. It just goes to show the intellectual level of the average hollywood celeb.

  • Anonymous

    Compare the size of her purse, with the size of her dog!!!! That is worth a WTF (Winning the Future).

  • Hawk

    Imagine that, Sean Penn is a bastard.

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