Sandra Bernhard is fug

Why Arnold, WHYYYYYYYYY!!!! From Sandra Bernhard's interview with PopEater:
"In the '70s when I moved to LA I was on the beach by Gold's Gym. I was young and skinny as a stick, staring at the ocean, dreaming of the future, and Arnold [Schwarzenegger] came up to me and he was hitting on me. I don't date Germans so nothing happened. But I love Maria Shriver. All these years it's been, what is she thinking? It's the Kennedy tragedy. Just to keep it going."
By most accounts, Arnold's been a complete poon hound for the past 30 to 40 years. Everywhere you turn, women are demonizing this guy for being a sex-crazed maniac. That being said, I don't care how how "young and skinny" Sandra Bernhard was, even a horndog like Arnold wouldn't hit on that hosebeast. If Arnold really was into the type of woman whose face looked like it caught on fire and was put out with an icepick, he never would have separated from Maria.

*5 Sandra Bernhard pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Anonymous

    WOW proof that both Madonna and Arnie have absolutely NO Standards....yuck

    Never thought that Bully Dike could get any Uglier well I was wrong...Double Effin Yuck

  • Barryyy

    Bernhard had a short lived "career" due to celebrity-worship around Madonna. One film does not an actress make, but a gimmick. She played one gimmick on Roseanne. In typical me-me-me fashion, she insisted then people have to understand women being gay and all kinds of pro-liberal values, but then in real life she feels free to make over-generalisations denouncing a whole national identity because of their grandparents generation -- as if it's "genetic" -- while not knowing enough to understand the difference between Austrian and German. She was always fug with that face once she got old and heavier especially, what makes her think Germans or anyone other than frustrated lesbians and starF++kers were after her? Seriously.

  • Robert

    dude, what do you expect from 30 yrs of HGH, testosterone shots and steriods. My uncle is a also famous pro body builder and he, Arny and a few other guys used to bank chicks left and right in the old days. Its the drugs that make you so freakin horny. they stories he has of arney.....Im sure there are tens of little basturds running around w/ his split tooth grin L.A..

  • Billbo

    "Arney"? are you sure he didn't "bank" you until he made you love him? LOL....Arney..hehe

  • RR85

    Since he is Austrian, is this not the same as some white guy meeting a Japanese girl and then saying "Sorry, I don't fuck Chinese girls"?

    Maybe if you had actually done it there is a chance you would still be relevant, you ugly dike.

  • Ummm

    Arnold is Austrian.

  • Jeri

    None of the women that have come forward so far are good looking. Perhaps Arnold likes a little hosebeast in his women.

    Maria is the best looking and he's blown that. Good luck getting a decent woman in the future Arnie.

  • hans

    She doesn't date Germans?

    I could just imagine some German entertainer saying "I don't date Jews."


    you want a ride on my giant weinerschnitzel judenfrau??

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