Sandra Bernhard is fug

Why Arnold, WHYYYYYYYYY!!!! From Sandra Bernhard's interview with PopEater:
"In the '70s when I moved to LA I was on the beach by Gold's Gym. I was young and skinny as a stick, staring at the ocean, dreaming of the future, and Arnold [Schwarzenegger] came up to me and he was hitting on me. I don't date Germans so nothing happened. But I love Maria Shriver. All these years it's been, what is she thinking? It's the Kennedy tragedy. Just to keep it going."
By most accounts, Arnold's been a complete poon hound for the past 30 to 40 years. Everywhere you turn, women are demonizing this guy for being a sex-crazed maniac. That being said, I don't care how how "young and skinny" Sandra Bernhard was, even a horndog like Arnold wouldn't hit on that hosebeast. If Arnold really was into the type of woman whose face looked like it caught on fire and was put out with an icepick, he never would have separated from Maria.

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