Uh oh, I think she's hungry

Is Rosie O'Donnell a bitch who is determined to go through life making people as miserable as her? Yes, yes she is. You totally nailed it. From the National Enquirer:
Big-mouth busybody Rosie O'Donnell, killing time at the O'Hare airport bar/lounge when her flight out of Chicago was delayed, took matters into her own hands when she spotted two girls ordering beers, walked up after they were served "and started lecturing them indignantly," says a source. "She carped that even though the bartender didn't card them, she wasn't letting the get away with it. She told them underage people should not be drinking - and warned them of the dangers of premature boozing." But Rosie's jaw dropped fast when the "youngsters" started giggling uncontrollably and explained they were both -- at ages 24 and 27 -- well above legal age!
Uh, I'm pretty sure Rosie's intent wasn't to "lecture" these 20-something-year-old chicks about the dangers of underage drinking. Her intent was to pick up on them. It's called a "neg" (see here). Of course, if Rosie had actually wanted a shot with these two, she wouldn't have criticized their drinking -- she would have encouraged it. Worked for me in college.

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