Rima Fakih at the Miss USA 2010 Official Swimsuit Poster Photo Shoot at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

Rima Fakih's reign as Miss USA is over in just a few days . . . and the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) couldn't be any happier about it. Organization president Paula Shugart -- who takes herself way too seriously -- actually resorted to reviewing security tape footage last week to confirm that Rima was out too late partying. She told Fox:
"There was one night last week where she had some interviews the next day. First we thought she wasn’t at the apartment [which she shares in Manhattan with Miss Universe, who was out of town] and someone [from the publicity team] was trying to get her to the interview. She was sound asleep, and looked like she’d been out all night. She made the interviews, but we did ask about the security tapes, as it is a serious business especially after Tara Conner."

Indeed the reins have been seriously tightened on titleholders ever since Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner came under fire for alleged drug use, underage drinking and sexual indiscretions.

"I want to make sure that the girls are reflective of society but we put a lot of steps in place so things like Tara don’t happen again," Shugart explained. "Their apartment is next to the office so it is hard for them to get out and do things without us knowing about them."
Miss USA and Miss Universe share an apartment? . . . *takes a minute to compose self* . . . And it's next door to the Miss Universe corporate office? You just KNOW the guys in that office have drilled dozens of peep-holes into the walls. It's what I'd do. Except, instead of peep-holes, I'd put up a two-way mirror. And instead of working, I'd sit around all day with my pants around my ankles . . . so a lot like how it is now.

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