Paris Hilton on The View last week

Famous dumb spoiled whore Paris Hilton yelled at a View producer last week after Barbara Walters implied that she was a dumb spoiled whore during her appearance on the show. Ugh, the nerve of that old woman! From the New York Post:
Paris Hilton's television comeback hit the pause button this week after a disastrous interview on "The View," canceled press appointments and lackluster ratings for the premiere of her Oxygen reality show, "The World According to Paris." Hilton was so distraught after being thrown tough questions by "View" co-host Barbara Walters on Wednesday that she screamed at a producer backstage.

Hilton and her mother, Kathy, appeared on "The View" to promote her new show. Walters criticized Hilton for complaining in the first episode about her 200 hours of community service. She also questioned Hilton's claims of doing charity work and her desire to help other female prisoners -- neither of which is seen on the Oxygen show. Walters asked, "Why not present that side of yourself, if indeed it exists?"

Afterward and off-camera, both Paris and her father, Rick, berated a "View" producer, upset at the tone of the interview. A rep for the show confirmed the incident. Hilton's rep had no comment.
Why is Paris so upset? Those don't seem like the types of questions that would be hard for her to answer. If the producers of The View had really wanted to throw her for a loop, they would have asked her to spell something or sit with her legs closed.

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