Justin Bieber is a weakling

Justin Bieber can bench press an astonishing 120 pounds, according to Hollywood Life, who actually seems impressed by the feat (most 10-year-olds can bench 120 pounds):
Justin Bieber is working out hard to stay healthy and impress his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. During his trip home to Stratford, Ontario, the 17-year-old rockstar squeezed in a workout at Anytime Fitness June 1 — and HollywoodLife.com has all the details of his impressive routine.

“Justin was definitely on a mission to pump up,” club member Tyrell Ogloff — who saw the singer working out at 7:30 a.m. — tells us. “He was on the treadmill for about 30 minutes working up a sweat and then he went to the free weights to lift. It's funny because he's pretty small but can pump a lot! He benched 120 pounds for his chest and did about 400 crunches and sit-ups to build his core. He’s in really good shape."
Sorry, but if I was a teenager that was dating Selena Gomez, I'm pretty sure I'd get all the exercise I needed in bed. Besides, lifting 120 pounds isn't that big of a deal -- Sean Penn's neck does it every day. The bottom line is that if Justin really wants to bulk up, he should try a more natural approach -- like eating organic foods, getting plenty of sleep, and going through puberty.

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