Julia Roberts at the premire of Jesus Henry Christ at the Tribeca Film Festival (4/23)

Julia Roberts might actually be the devil. She's currently fighting with her half-sister Nancy because Nancy likes food too much and has gotten fat. I don't get it? Why doesn't Nancy just hire a personal trainer to whip her into shape and a live-in gourmet chef to cook her healthy meals using only the freshest ingredients? Oh yeah, that's right, because she's not Julia Roberts. A source told the National Enquirer:
"Julia's made no secret of the fact that she's not happy that Nancy's gotten heavy. She thinks it's humiliating for her and the entire family. Julia has asked Nancy point-blank, 'Who's going to keep an eye on [our mom Betty] if you get sick?'"

Tensions between the "Pretty Women" star and her sister came to a head at Nancy's birthday party last month at Betty's home in Los Angeles' wealthy Pacific Palisades area: "Julia was rolling her eyes and making cutting comments about Nancy's weight behind her back - whispering to partygoers, 'can you believe how big she's gotten?' When Nancy got wind of what Julia was saying, she confronted her, telling her to shut up and leave her alone. Julia shot back, 'Well, I wouldn't have to if you had enough self-respect to lose some weight!' At that point, Nancy told Julia to 'go (bleep) herself' - thus ruining the party."

The two women have not spoken since, and Nancy was noticeably absent from Julia"s 4-year-old son Henry's early birthday celebration at her Malibu home in June.
What a self-centered egotistical bitch. Julia is so full of herself that she thinks someone else's weight reflects badly on her? Get over yourself Julia. No one is going to judge you based on the size of your family members. They're going to judge you based on the fact that you are a heartless c-u-next-tuesday. Besides, I'm sure Julia's sister would rather have to pay for two seats on Southwest than be the spokeswoman for Schick razors:


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  • Jdey

    Another inward focused buddhist!

  • 15piecesofflare

    Jeez, Julia gets the looks, fame and fortune and she still has to rub her sister's face in it? JR's got no empathy.

  • Bangkok Betty

    Did anyone else see American Sweethearts? No? Well it sounds like the same script, only Julia is playing Zeta-Jones' character.

  • Eric

    Nancy told Julia to 'go (bleep) herself' - thus ruining the party." AMEN SIS

    love ya


  • Bubba

    Back where I come from lots of girls don't shave under their arms, or much of anywhere else. They are still sexy and we love them. Julia Roberts is really a warm hearted loving woman. She is probably just using tough love with her sister.

  • Fawks

    Typical white woman: shallow and a cold hearted bitch. What's shocking? 80% of white women are like this.

  • Deb

    Shallow, cold-hearted, self-absorbed douchebags come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Did your husband run off with a white woman or something? Sheesh.


  • integrated

    Fuck you, racist pig.

  • MIchelleCA

    And this coming from someone that's had plastic surgery:


    Why doesn't Julia just buy her sister liposuction if she's so "ashamed"? What a vapid waste of space.

  • SaucyBastard

    I've always hated this pig. From hooking up with a married man to parking in handicap spaces she's pure trash.

  • Buffy

    Two things: Fat is a sin and constitutes food theft from the hungry. Hairy armpits are sexy and can heighten sexual stimulation. Fat=bad. Hairy pits=good.

  • Anonymous

    That pic is almost as disgusting as she is.

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