Jennifer Aniston has a tattoo now

I don't see what the big deal is. I know a lot of women who wait until they're 42 to get a tattoo. Oh wait, that's right, no I don't. From E!:
Jennifer Aniston's brand-new ink wasn't inspired by her bad-boy boyfriend after all. Instead, her very first tattoo is a tribute to the other love of her life, the 42-year-old actress confirmed to E! News. So whose name is permanently etched on the inside of her right foot?


That's the moniker of Aniston's beloved dog, who died this spring at the age of 15.
Jen's obsession with Angelina Jolie is getting a little ridiculous now. First she steals another woman's man and now she has a tattoo? To complete the transformation, next week Jen will probably adopt half of Guam or start to look attractive. Jen should realize that, at her age, the only reason a chick gets a tattoo is because she either craves attention or has self-esteem issues. Oh wait, I guess that makes complete sense then.

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