Jennifer Aniston outside The Daily Show studios in New York (6/27)

Jennifer Aniston dishing out relationship advice is like Adolf Hitler teaching a class on tolerance at the local community college. Nevertheless, she told new! magazine:
"You need to talk to each other and you have to say what you want. You don't confront your man about things which you're not happy about, you approach it in a much more constructive way. You never want to be in an adversarial situation where it's you versus him. All couples face those kinds of difficulties, but you've got to be able to talk about your problems and your needs and do it in a positive way. That's easier said than done, of course."
Uh, yeah. Getting relationship guidance from Jennifer Aniston is like getting toothbrush advice from Amy Winehouse or driving lessons from Ryan Dunn. I mean seriously, there's only one thing Jen seems to know less about than maintaining a successful relationship: acting. She might as well be giving men advice about jerking off.

*59 Jennifer Aniston pictures total in the gallery:

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  • lolz

    I'm laughing SO hard at the idiots who believe the media and assume that Jennifer Aniston is a homewrecker. Have you people not read a tabloid ? They will not put a picture of Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt without including a picture of Jennifer Aniston. Of course they're going to say that she is a homewrecker now after all that bullshit about Angie/Brad (a couple I loathe, btw). Even Justin's ex-girlfriend confirmed that they did not start dating until she had moved out. WHY DO PEOPLE CARE SO MUCH ABOUT CELEBRITIES?! People in your lives cheat on each other, pay more attention to them.

  • anon

    I love Jennifer Aniston, and if people think this is bad relationship advice, then it shouldn't be a surprise that you're single.

  • Ria

    Since Jen is now an official cheater and liar, too, what about writing about her being a total hypocrite. Seriously, she dated her new boyfriend WHILE he was living with someone else and then lied that they were just "friends." What happened to her "sensitivity chip"? Really, uncool, Jen. Really uncool.

  • Anonymous

    All is fair in love and war. No holds or dirty tricks are barred. Besides he wasn't married to the other woman, they were living in sin.

  • qwerty

    Wait what Ria? So what are Jen and Justin doing now? Not living in sin? Or is it only a sin if you do it for a long time? Your statement was ridiculous. You sound like an Aniston stan, specifically who refers to admit that their Rachel pulled an Angelina.

    And why did Jen call out Brad for straying and call him uncool? Or does she really believe that a woman can steal another man from someone else? Please, it takes 2 to tango. If he wants out, he will buy a ticket on any train.

  • qwerty

    Whoops sorry Ria,my comment was directed to Anonymous.

  • GBR

    Jennifer looks great, and hope her new relationship is successful.

  • Hawk

    Since Jen's new BF is a screenwriter as well as an actor, maybe he'll write a decent movie for her to star in.

  • Lewis C.

    Patty ^^^


    Maybe she could help you spell but I doubt that.

  • Patty

    Jenn is very wise and perceptive, also she is old enough to have successful experience in interpersonal relations. I would listen to and take any advise she was to give.

  • anonymous

    this is great advice if you want to be dumped every 3 months and end up old spinster with a high mileage vagina.

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