Jada Pinkett Smith leaving her hotel in Manchester, UK (3/19)

It's the worst kept secret in Hollywood that Jada Pinkett Smith (and her husband Will) are Scientologists, so I guess it makes sense that she's also into something equally weird: crystals. Hey, I used to think those were cool . . . and then I turned 11. From Radar:
Jada Pinkett Smith loves crystals, and spent nearly $10,000 earlier this month at Crystalarium, a popular West Hollywood store, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

Whether the actress just likes the beauty of crystals or believes in their healing power -- as do many Eastern cultures and native Hawaiian Islanders -- Will Smith's petite wife has long been a customer of the shop.

"She's bought quite a few items and even some books on the healing power of crystals," a source tells us.
Celebrities with too much money are always collecting exotic stuff they don't really need. For Jada Pinkett Smith, crystals; for Jay Leno, cars; and for Angelina Jolie, children. If Jada had really wanted to use that money to pick up something with healing powers, she should have spent that $10,000 the same way Paris Hilton does -- on Valtrex.

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