• Dimitrii

    How hard to be patient and see the outgoing time you all in the hopes of his: from Dmitry - Oh how beautiful this woman

    And as sure of herself.

    Since no criminal and divine,

    Comes with a smile on fate.

    She is intelligent, well read it,

    Over the life of a bird soaring.

    How skillfully she says,

    How to perfect the look!

    Be weak or too overwrought

    She simply will not allow rank,

    Phenomenon to her normal-

    Attention and admiration of men.

    But when she arrives in the evening

    In a comfortable life to his home

    And there is just a woman,

    And tired of this earth ... EVERLASTING LOVE ... LOVE ... LOVE ... I sincerely wish you

    Greater happiness and kindness.

    I wish what you dream,

    What do you think always,

    To the pain and grief are not met,

    To hear the laughter of yours always,

    I wish you good health,

    Smiles, sunshine and warmth is surrounded by invisible boundaries,

    I go ... breathe ... Strange ... among its

    Tell me, if we would have been birds,

    would have known you - me! - Among others?

    At the edge of your bridges are shaking in the cold

    Floating mist and gloomy you ...

    And if we lived in one city,

    I would have known you in the crowds?

    Indisputable trump card - the distance ...

    Face to face - the face does not see ...

    The farther away you are, the closer and more desirable ...

    The more I want you to know ...

    Empty dreams ... and irrevocable days

    Flying in a hurry ... and dear to every moment ...

    Find me! I - a bird of passage ...

    Recognize me!

    her - among others ... Take your time to do good ... Our life - swift-winged bird ... All that was .. have all gone .... And back .. not given back ... Take your time to understand and forgive ... And to say those words you want to ... And love ... recklessly love .... Every moment ... every breath take care .... Hurry ... Do not expect ... do not .... That is happiness ... Here ... and now ... That's life - is more than a reward ... This light-loving eyes ... Love one another ... love ... Give light and warmth .... All the insults and pain ... release .... Take your time to do good ... I am the one star that will shine all the way with love and forever will give you the light .... the one who let one's soul, just like that, will remain forever in my heart, Claire!

  • Dimitrii

    The parable of the two babies in the belly of pregnant women talking two babies. One of them - the believer, the other - an unbeliever unbelieving baby: Do you believe in life after birth? Believer baby: Yes, of course. We all know that life exists after birth. We are here to become strong enough and ready for what awaits us next. Unbeliever Baby: That's nonsense! There is no life after birth can not be! Can you imagine how such a life might look like? Believer baby I do not know all the details, but I believe that there will be more light, and that we may be, we ourselves go and have his mouth. Unbeliever Baby: What nonsense! It is impossible to walk by the same mouth is! It is generally funny! We have an umbilical cord that feeds us. You know, I want to tell you: it is impossible to have a life after birth, because our lives - umbilical cord - is already too short. Believer baby I'm sure this is possible. Everything will be just a little differently. It is possible to imagine. Unbeliever Baby: But there had never been back! Life just completed delivery. In general, life - is one big pain in the dark. Believer baby: No, no! I do not know exactly how it will look is our life after birth, but in any case, we see her mother, and she takes care of us. Unbeliever Baby: Mommy? Do you believe in your mother? And where is it located? Believer baby: It is all around us, we dwell in it, and thanks to her move and live without it, we simply can not exist. Unbeliever Baby: Complete nonsense! I have not seen any mother, and so obvious that it is not there. Believer baby: I can not agree with you. Because sometimes, when everything calms down, you can hear her sing, and feel, as she stroked our world. I firmly believe that our real life begins only after birth. Do you?

  • Dimitrii

    Want me to give one piece of advice?

    He'll come in handy for life,

    Learn to speak firmly, "No!"

    It is difficult, but worth studying.

    In life, bravely accomplishes just that,

    What brings joy to your soul.

    Know not the right one nevolit

    To do what she can not stand.

    Even if they ask friends

    And you embarrassed to refuse,

    Oppress his soul can not be

    Give up, so you do not worry.

    I know "no" very difficult to say

    But it's time for me to learn.

    Since then it became easier to breathe

    And under the oppression of the soul is not tormented.

    Because each has its own truth

    And do not even think of his act,

    Even someone very loving,

    Do not rush yourself to recant.

    Life can not live someone else's,

    Il have to say goodbye to her,

    Slowly kill her,

    Gradually dissolve into strange ..

  • Dimitrii

    Dmitrii Gheorghiu

    Хочешь, дам один дельный совет?

    Он тебе на всю жизнь пригодится,

    Научись говорить твёрдо «Нет!»,

    Это трудно, но стоит учиться.

    В жизни смело свершай только то,

    Что душе твоей радость приносит.

    Знай, не в праве неволить никто

    Сделать то, что она не выносит.

    Даже если попросят друзья

    И неловко тебе отказаться,

    Угнетать свою душу нельзя,

    Откажись, чтоб потом не терзаться.

    Знаю «Нет» очень трудно сказать,

    Но пришло время мне научиться.

    С той поры стало легче дышать

    И под гнётом душа не томится.

    Ведь у каждого правда своя

    И не вздумай своей поступаться,

    Даже очень кого-то любя,

    Не спеши от себя отрекаться.

    Жизнь чужую нельзя проживать,

    Иль придётся с своей распроститься,

    Потихоньку её убивать,

    Постепенно в чужой раствориться.. Dmitrii Gheorghiu

  • Dimitrii

    BONNE CHANCE A VOUS mon cher, vous le souhaitez. Et laissez votre WAYS, toujours heureux.

  • Dimitrii

    Et ... je veux que tu découvert le secret ...

    Un tel secret minuscules ...

    Connaître les gens ... se produisent pas par accident ...

    Le hasard, croyez-moi, il n'ya pas de vie ...

    Ne me croyez pas? Eh bien, écoutez ...

    Ne crains pas: je ne vais pas vous tromper ...

    Imaginez qu'il ya l'âme ...

    Configuré sur une corde ...

    Comme une étoile dans l'infini de l'univers ...

    Ils errent des centaines de routes ...

    Afin de répondre une fois que ...

    Mais seulement quand Dieu veut ...DMITRII

  • Dimitrii

    А хочешь...я Тебе открою Тайну...

    Один такой малюсенький секрет...

    Знай...люди не встречаются случайно...

    Случайностей, поверь мне в жизни нет...

    Не веришь? Ну тогда послушай...

    Не бойся: я Тебя не обману...

    Представь Себе, что существуют души...

    Настроенные на одну струну...

    Как звезды в бесконечности Вселенной...

    Они блуждают сотнями дорог...

    Чтоб встретиться когда-то непременно...

    Но лишь тогда, когда захочет Бог...DMITRII

  • alex

    She has a very nice body,although I think they airbrushed her legs too much and they look way too skinny.

  • Johnny Negreanu

    BET! Emma Heming It's only 14 years old? wow! She's great. Hopefully, many girls like Emma Heming :)

  • STD

    She looks just like my little sister. I want to boink her.

  • J

    Isnt she married to Bruce Willis?

  • Anonymous

    Amazing, she is only 14 years old.

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