Deena Nicole Cortese shopping in Florence (6/9)

If you're like me, you can't get enough of Jersey Shore's Deena and her flabby ass. So here's some pics of her in Florence last week. Aw yeah baby. So hot. I just hope she doesn't fuck her body up by joining a gym. *fingers crossed*

*36 Deena Nicole Cortese pictures total in the gallery:

  • Deena Cheeks 1
  • Deena Cheeks 2
  • Deena Cheeks 3
  • Deena Cheeks 4
  • Deena Cheeks 5
  • Deena Cheeks 6
  • Deena Cheeks 7
  • Deena Cheeks 8
  • Deena Cheeks 9
  • Deena Cheeks 10
  • Deena Cheeks 11
  • Deena Cheeks 12
  • Deena Cheeks 13
  • Deena Cheeks 14
  • Deena Cheeks 15
  • Deena Cheeks 16
  • Deena Cheeks 17
  • Deena Cheeks 18
  • Deena Cheeks 19
  • Deena Cheeks 20
  • Deena Cheeks 21
  • Deena Cheeks 22
  • Deena Cheeks 23
  • Deena Cheeks 24
  • Deena Cheeks 25
  • Jai

    Damn, I would smash the shit out of that ass, and then some!!



  • Jay

    She ain't even american ass clown lol

  • james

    ewwwwwwwwwwwww have americans gotten that fat that other fat people are atractive to fat people.

  • barney

    That is one nice looking flappy ass.I'd like to have her bend over in front of me and spread her cheeks open so i could eat it.

  • James

    Flabby ass? Whatever. I think her ass looks great.

  • Anonymous

    This girl must be the vert best of American womanhood.

  • Anonymous

    Celebslam needs to show us more of this babe.

  • Big Head

    Fuck Snooki that one trashy as ho! I rather hit this ass you could tell its asking for it dry, oh yeah!

  • Pete

    I would love to fuck Snooki. She is hotter than a firecracker, and has great motion.

  • Judy

    A few sessions on the stairmaster wouldn't hurt that ass... #JustSaying check out more gossip

  • Falcon

    That is an ass the begs to be loved and a face that begs to be kissed. This girl is even hotter than Snooki.

  • Erok8150


    is it ok to bring a bottle of jack Daniels, some condoms and some Anal lube on the first date??

  • ld

    Nasty and sad

  • strang

    I'd get up behind that ass ;-)

  • Benny

    Its enough to make you want to move to New Jersey. Boy that state seems to have more than its share of lovely women.

  • Hawk

    So sad.

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