Christina Aguilera leaving Jimmy Kimmel Live! studios in Hollywood (5/26)

Holy shit this chick is a mess. And I'm not talking about because she looks like a tranny. Even though she does. Seriously, that's a dude, right? From the New York Post:
Christina Aguilera's boyfriend Matt Rutler showed that chivarly isn't dead while out with her the other night at The Beverly nightclub in Beverly Hills. Aguilera and Rutler only stayed at the club for an hour, and the singer didn't drink while inside. But a spy reports that when Aguilera "wobbled on her high heels and almost tripped on the cracked sidewalk, Matt saved the day and caught her before she took a spill.
What's this chick's problem with standing up straight? First she falls at the Grammys and now this? Either Christina's constantly whacked-out on heavy duty barbiturates or it's time she got her implants rebalanced. At this point, the only people that topple over more than her are octogenarians and Middle Eastern dictators.

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