Celebrity Nose Pickers, a gallery

We've all done it. We just all haven't been caught by the paparazzi. Yes, I'm talking about adultery the ancient art of nose-picking. Cybill Shepherd's certainly good at it. If she dug any deeper, she'd need to get a permit from the city.

27 celebrities total in the gallery, so click around . . .

*54 celebrity nose-picking pictures total in the gallery:

  • Cybill Shepherd Picking Her Nose
  • Cybill Shepherd Close Up
  • Brooklyn Decker Picking Her Nose
  • Brooklyn Decker Close Up
  • Mischa Barton Picking Her Nose
  • Mischa Barton Close Up
  • John Travolta Picking His Nose
  • John Travolta Close Up
  • America Ferrera Picking Her Nose
  • America Ferrera Close Up
  • Kelis Picking Her Nose
  • Kelis Picking Close Up
  • Tommy Lee Picking His Nose
  • Tommy Lee Close Up
  • Kate Beckinsale Picking Her Nose
  • Kate Beckinsale Close Up
  • Matt Damon Picking His Nose
  • Matt Damon Close Up
  • Josh Groban Picking His Nose
  • Josh Groban Close Up
  • Brooke Shields Picking Her Nose
  • Brooke Shields Close Up
  • Suri Cruise Picking Her Nose
  • Suri Cruise Close Up
  • Molly Shannon Picking Her Nose
  • Molly Shannon Close Up
  • Victoria Beckham Picking Her Nose
  • Victoria Beckham Close Up
  • Chelsea Handler Picking Her Nose
  • Chelsea Handler Close Up

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