Paris Hilton and Barron Hilton leaving the VIP Club in Cannes in 2010

Remember the [underage] DUI Paris Hilton's brother Barron got back in 2008 in which he hit and injured a gas station worker? The guy that he hit sued and the jury came back this week with a verdict. Hmmmm, sympathetic guy struggling to get by in life vs. a snotty little Hilton heir . . . who ya' got? From Radar:
A jury in Santa Monica on Tuesday ordered Barron Hilton's auto insurance company to pay $4.6 million to the man he hit while driving intoxicated. The jury deliberated for two days, and the bad news doesn't stop there. The jury comes back Thursday to determine if any punitive damages should be paid to Telez. Telez said he'd broken his back, and has been unable to find work since the incident.

If the jury awards punitive damage, Barron Hilton will be responsible for paying that because under California law, insurance companies are only liable for compensatory damages.
What insurance company in their right mind would cover one of the Hiltons? You'd have to know that they'd eventually abuse it. That would be like issuing life insurance to one of the Kennedys or unemployment insurance to Lindsay Lohan. Let's just hope this whole ordeal has taught Barron a valuable lesson: that drinking and driving don't mix use Rebecca Gayheart's lawyer next time.

UPDATE: The jury ordered Barron to pay $225k in punitive damages out of his own pocket. But cheer up Barron, there's no way you're gonna have to pay $225k . . . the real figure should be closer to 20 times that after you insurance company sues the shit out of you. Oops, I didn't mean to say "cheer up."

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