Alessandra Ambrosio is rather attractive

I need to get those Tori Spelling pics out of my head so here's some pics of Alessandra Ambrosio in Malibu on Sunday. And just to confuse our erections, she brought her daughter and lazy-eyed fiancé along. Oh whatever, that's real grown-up of you Alessandra. Call me when you stop acting like a total bitch.

*11 Alessandra Ambrosio pictures total in the gallery:

  • Ambrosio Beach Shorts 1
  • Ambrosio Beach Shorts 2
  • Ambrosio Beach Shorts 3
  • Ambrosio Beach Shorts 4
  • Ambrosio Beach Shorts 5
  • Ambrosio Beach Shorts 6
  • Ambrosio Beach Shorts 7
  • Ambrosio Beach Shorts 8
  • Ambrosio Beach Shorts 9
  • Ambrosio Beach Shorts 10

  • Johnny Negreanu

    She is looking good. Just make some weight and she's one of the girls magazine someday.

  • diana

    If she got some extra-weight,she would be really the second Cindy Crawford.All she needs is a little more flesh on those gorgeous bones she has.Her face is perfect,very beautiful features.I am very glad to see that she is as beautiful in reality as she appears on the magazines covers.

  • Buffy

    She is looking amazingly good. Trimed down a little and giving some of her food back to the poor and starving in the world.

  • jack

    what the hell happened to her tits?

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