Fancy meeting you here

Sean Penn already wants to get married. Fuck. From the National Enquirer:
Scarlett Johansson's mega-entrancin' 24-years-older Sean Penn, reassuring pals who worry he's getting too serious too fast that she's "not rushing into anything" after her painful breakup with hubby Ryan Reynolds - but ScarJo confesses she loves sitting at the feet of (so to speak) the…er, aged sage!

"Scarlett says every day with Sean is an education equivalent to a college course - he's so worldly and knowledgeable," reports a friend. "She knows she married Ryan way too fast, but insists she's a quick learner. Even though marriage seems to be on Sean’s mind and he’s pushing things a little fast, Scarlett's doing her best to hold him off at the pass."
Every day is an education with Sean? What the hell could Scarlett possibly be learning from that commie bastard? The only subjects that guy is qualified to teach are "How to Hate your Country 101," "Sympathizing with America's Enemies Parts 1 and 2," and "An Introductory Guide on How to Stop Growing at Age 12." Besides, what does Scarlett need with an education? She has huge tits.

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  • kevrock

    I can't stop laughing,this woman is so gorgeous yet so stupid,this man has never had an original idea in his life.he parrots every liberal idea he hears,fuck him,america is a sinking ship

  • Robert

    A Marxist, commie traitor to his country semi-rich guy, yea he is so wise. Obviously ScarJo does not have a brain in her empty head. I actually pity this idiot girl.

  • Hawk

    You just know Penn is going to screw her up big time.

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