Lea Michele at the Costume Institute Gala at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (5/2)

Lea Michele has only been famous for a few years, but already has the reputation of being "difficult" to work with (read: she's a bitch). I bet you'll never guess why (hint: she's a bitch). From In Touch Weekly:
Glee's Lea Michele may have looked like a fairy princess at the recent Met Costume Institute Gala in New York, but behind the scenes, she behaved more like a wicked witch! An insider says she was very upset before hitting the red carpet because "she didn’t want to wear anything her stylist sent her and she hated all the dresses," which her rep denies.

Annoyed that her stylist was in LA, Lea "just kept saying that she hated everything - she was crying and having a fit!" says the insider. "You would have thought Lea was the next Queen of England when you saw her having a royal fit."

An eye witness adds that while A-listers like Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker stopped to talk to reporters, Lea stormed past without a word.
Who does this chick think she is? Sorry Lea, you haven't quite reached diva status yet. Wait until you've made a couple hundred million or gained a couple hundred pounds. Lea needs a reality check -- she needs to understand that she's just a bit player on a third rate show that's so gay, even Clay Aiken won't watch it. Hell, it's so gay that Tom Cruise only watches each episode once before he deletes it off his TiVo.

*12 Lea Michele pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Jin

    You're welcome!!!!! I'm so sorry you're such an idiot. It must be so hard :(((

  • Jin


    Remember responsible reporting? Yeah, probably not since I doubt you've been anywhere near a classroom since you graduated from High School (barely I suspect).

  • Person1

    ahhh.. you're totally jerking off to Lea Michelle right now. please stop.. it's kinda gross... and so are you.

  • Jin

    If defending someone from just plain stupid accusations by pointing out the inherent stupidity is jerking off to that person, then yes, I'm coming all over myself right now. And it was amazing. I'm actually pretty hot. You on the other hand, yikes. I can just tell you probably need to drop at least 100 lbs (at least) and are still waiting for the spots and gross body odor to go away. Nice try though.

  • Anonymous

    seriously? you need to get a life.. you have no idea about what I look like & what I do for a living. I doubt that you are better looking that anyone. & 100 lbs?... do you want me to be a walking skeleton? that's not healthy at all! as for spots & body odor.. I'm sure if I had them I'd want them to go away.. but I'm lucky to say that I do have any.. so you struck out again there JIN!

  • Anonymous

    darn there goes my argument.

    >I'm sure if I had them I'd want them to go away.. but I'm lucky to say that I don't have any.. so you struck out again there JIN!

    ahh the joy of computers.

  • Jin

    lol that doesn't even make sense. Also, totally crying on the inside. :(((( My life is over!!! Why is everyone so much dumber than me??!!!

  • woop

    WTF. please inform me where I have misspelt something? I'm pretty sure that I've gone farther in education than you.. just saying.. BITCH.

  • woop

    she's a complete diva bitch.. i think she needs to have something taken away from her so she realizes what she's got & doesn't take anything for granted.... so what she can sing? so can about, oh, i don't know... 2 billion other people in the world.

  • Jin

    At least we all know she can spell and write better than you so there's that.

  • Marley

    You're such a twit. A. This story has been around for weeks so you know, way to stay on top of things. B. Doesn't the very fact that you showed her getting her picture taken debunk this story? C, There are lots of pictures of her laughing with photographers. Try harder next time jackas*.

  • Zac

    You know you're a bitch when Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna have more class than you.

  • Please

    Please you show her getting her pictures taken but say she stormed pass.

    This is yet another weak story about an insignificant event.

    The person probably heard her say she wish she could have tired on more dresses but her stylist was in LA.

    Exaggeration and silly rumors. Blah, blah.

  • Frank

    This was already debunked weeks ago. A site went to some photographers and they said she was fine and very accommodating.

    More bull. Just cause they can't get anything else on her they continue with this crap.

  • holla

    maybe she should shop for her own dresses? it can't be that difficult and she can't be that busy! how was it that she was even invited to this event?

  • Joan

    Do you even know anything about the schedule these folk have. She works 15 hours days and this was done while they were filing a huge epsidoe in NY in which she was in most of the scenes.

  • Sophie

    Honestly, this isn't the first story about her being a bitch or a diva, so come on! Give her a break? Hell no! Glee deals with bullying issues, but all this girl is is a bully. Doesn't she realize that ALL of this could be taken away from her in an instant? She should be more appreciative. If she's nothing in a few years, she has no one to blame but herself.

  • Colin

    I dunno how much truth there is to this, but it's just annoying to me. She's a bitch on the show so people assume she's a bitch in real life. According to this "insider," she cried because someone screwed up. If this had happened to Sandra Bullock, everyone would feel bad for her and say she's having a breakdown about her failed marriage, and if it was Angelina Jolie, she'd be crying because she's having mood swings because she's pregnant with quintuplets. But because it's her, it's because she's being a diva. It's all tabloid BS.

  • Nick Manning

    I want to bang this bitch so bad!

  • Gorn


  • lola

    damn straight!

  • Colin

    If that's the best dress they sent her, I can see why she was mad. It's fugly, stiff, and it doesn't even look like it fits her properly. If they'd said she was yelling at people and cursing up a storm it'd be one thing, but really? She's a bitch because she cried when they sent her crap dresses?

  • Anonymous

    You make an excellent point. It's very important to refined classy ladies to always look their best. That dress IS crap and you can't blame. Giver her credit for being brave enough to appear dispite the shame of wearing that rag.

  • asdfl


    Wether or not I'm ugly (Surprise! I basically am.) doesn't impair my ability to determine if others are ugly as well. This horseface cow definitely falls into the "ugly both on the outside AND the inside" category.

    I'm frickin' Mother Teresa compared to her, and I just punched a baby.

  • Really?


    Are you going to post your picture before you call someone ugly, or is it just fun to be a bitter internet troll?

  • asfdl

    You would think someone so ugly would be nicer.

  • Falcon

    She is normally high strung, which is normal for one of her high refinement and estate. Also, she was understandably nervous. Give her a break, this is no trailer park tramp we are talking about, but rather one of the elite.

  • Hawk

    Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame sweetie.

  • Stop

    She has been enjoying success in Show business for 16 years.

  • twan

    oh seriously... go copulate with yourself you a-hole. seriously.

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