This is disturbing

Is this the most disturbing thing I've read about a celebrity in the five years I've been writing Celebslam? Yes, yes it is. Pacific Coast News says:
Eccentric Jackson family member La Toya Jackson wears an outfit that looks inspired by her late brother Michael as she steps out to Katsuya restaurant in Brentwood, CA. Also notice that La Toya has a rather gargantuan camel toe and some crotch sweat. Ewwwww. (05-15-11 Brentwood, CA)
Well, that should just about wrap things up for the day. If I leave now for my therapist's office, I should beat the traffic. I'm not gonna lie, it may take months of sessions to get the phrase "gargantuan camel toe" out of my head.

*8 La Toya Jackson pictures total in the gallery:

  • La Toya Jackson Sweaty Crotch 1
  • La Toya Jackson Sweaty Crotch 2
  • La Toya Jackson Sweaty Crotch 3
  • La Toya Jackson Sweaty Crotch 4
  • La Toya Jackson Sweaty Crotch 5
  • That's Amore!

    Looks like she Beat It a lot. Must have been quite a Thriller for her.

  • Pete

    These are some of the sexiest photos I have seen on celebslam in a long time. Latoya is hot to start with, now you show her in a receptive and hightened state of female arousal. It's just to much for a mere man to endure.

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