Justin Bieber got egged

What an awesome couple of days! Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. Special Forces in Pakistan and Justin Bieber was egged in Australia. Bieber was performing at Sydney's Acer Arena on Friday night when six eggs rained down upon him from the heavens. None of the eggs actually hit him . . . probably because they weren't thrown by MOTHERFUCKING U.S. NAVY SEALS!!! FUCK YOU BIN LADEN!!! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!


  • Lauren

    Wow....Not my babe!! He is amazing and such a sweetheart. People are serious haters to egg him. What did he ever do to you!?! SHEEESH!!!!! Leave Biebs alone!


    A True Bieleber

  • Anonymous

    us sucks cock.

    cry fuckin baby americans. you got ass fucked on 9/11.

  • Anonymous

    The world is full of ugly haters.

  • Jay

    What a waste of eggs...they missed!

  • Shiggz

    He better get used to it, he has a whole life ahead of reproductive material being shot at his face.

  • Anonymous

    Really? He's a kid, how is it appropriate to throw eggs at a child?

    I loathe his music, I'd rather have to sit on a million shards of jagged, broken glass than listen to it; but he's a kid. If you don't like his music, don't listen to it.

  • Anonymous

    How is it NOT appropriate? A juvenile prank for a juveline shemale. Go eggers! Let's do it in every concert, like that thing Foo Fighters fans did when they started throwing Menthos at them in every concert

  • scampy

    Bahhhh!!! You sound just so... stupid. Yes, Justin's hoarde of 11 year old girl fans have the ability to seek out the identity of every person who shits or spits or eggs on the Biebs. Face it girly, this kid is nothing but a mere blip on the radar, like all cutesy teen idol types, he will lose much if not all appeal as he hits adulthood. To those of us who have a clue - he's nothing but a little dweeb with an even dweebier, more annoying fan following. But we get it, we were silly kids once ourselves.

  • Tina

    We are not kids, we are not silly and we love our Justin.

  • scampy

    Oh sorry, my bad. You're not silly - you're just really immature with terrible taste in music.

  • Fran

    Attacks on our Justin will not be tolerated. His fans will get their revenge. All Justin haters and mexican tramps, beware.