Jaden Smith at the German premiere of Karate Kid in Berlin (7/19)

Jaden Smith made more money at 10 than I'll make in my entire lifetime. Kill self? From TMZ:
TMZ obtained Jaden's "KK" contract from June 2009 -- back when he was only 10 -- and according to the docs, his up-front fee was split into two installments ... one for $900,000 and one for $100,000.

But Jaden's back end deal was even more lucrative -- since the film topped $150 million in the domestic box office, the young actor locked down another $2 million bonus. But $3 million is the bare minimum -- based on several additional in-contract perks AND the astronomical success of the film, Jaden likely pulled in even more.
This kid's not even a teenager yet and he's already a millionaire? That lucky little bastard. Jaden must thank God every night that he was born into a family whose Hollywood influence allowed him to make a ton of money. If he's not grateful for Will and Jada's industry connections, there can only be one reason why: he's a delusional spoiled little brat that thinks he's earned everything he's got changing his last name to Paltrow.

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  • Shane

    Pisses me off that people make so much after doing so little.

    Kid doesn't even deserve his allowance prior to becoming famous, I would guess.

  • Gdrive

    " Thanks daddy "

  • Herman Bumfudle

    uh! jaden? if you happen to see me with my nose up mama's crotch, it's a dog thing. giggidy? gigidy! oh, what the hell was that?

  • Herman Bumufdle

    wow. ten cents on a dollar. dude i wish will was my father! bytheway, are you guys adopting? jaden!!!!! i'll be your son. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Biff Steele

    Did anyone actually see that remake? What a steaming pile of excrement - that kid's acting makes Canoe Reeves' seem like Brando. The only thing worse is that hair whipping back song by the other no-talent.

  • Litsa

    The whole Smith clan needs to be sent into space for a long long time to look for L. Ron Hubbard.

  • Mike Nike

    Will Smith has the ugliest kids in hollywood. Have you seen Willow Smith? OMG, horrendously ugly.

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