Cameron Diaz leaving her hotel in London (5/7)

I hate to beat a dead horse here after the post on Friday, but here's some more pictures of Cameron Diaz, the 4th hottest woman in the word according to Maxim's new Hot 100 list. I haven't seen a press release from them explaining that they were joking about naming her 4th (41 spots ahead of Emanuelle Chriqui), so I have to assume they're being serious about this. Unbelievable. I bet if I went to Maxim's offices right now and pulled the Editor-in-Chief's pants down, he'd have no visible penis. It'd just be smooth like a Ken doll.

I'm not letting this go until they issue an apology.

*12 Cameron Diaz pictures total in the gallery:

  • Cameron Diaz Fug Hair 1
  • Cameron Diaz Fug Hair 2
  • Cameron Diaz Fug Hair 3
  • Cameron Diaz Fug Hair 4
  • Cameron Diaz Fug Hair 5
  • Cameron Diaz Fug Hair 6
  • Cameron Diaz Fug Hair 7
  • Cameron Diaz Fug Hair 8
  • Cameron Diaz Fug Hair 9
  • Cameron Diaz Fug Hair 10

  • Anonymous

    These are obviously stills from "Boys Don't Cry 2" Eat your heart out, Hillary Swank!

  • Anonymous

    She has steely blue eyes of death.

  • Jay

    I think she is a very good actress, judging from the one or two movies I've seen her in. She is NOT beautiful though at her best can pass for being good looking.

  • Smitty

    Now that A-Rod got her knocked up, she doesn't have to try and look bootiful.

  • Upskrt Celebs

    I don't know why you don't like her, but I'd eat the nuts out of her anus.

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