Shanay Hall

Australian model Shanay Hall

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  • Anonymous

    I wish you would keep them. Foreign competition is driving American models out of work, and into hooking or being waitresses. Poor things have no job security as model anymore.

  • Anonymous

    This rhetoric of yours is getting quite tiresome. You must barrack for the other team. you sure have it in for beautiful foreign women. I understand your argument, but the reason why these girls are employed is because your agencies want something different, something un-American.

  • Anonymous

    I think beautiful foreign woman are wonderful, as long as they stay in foreign places. Something different, you have to be crazy, this Shanay Hall looks exactly like half the young blonds you see in any mall or on the street. No is more insidious. I think its the Hope-Change plot to undermine America.

  • Anonymous

    I live in Perth (where she's from). These blondes are a dime a dozen.

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