Samantha Ronson gets into bike accident

Lindsay Lohan's ex Samantha Ronson needed 12 stitches after getting into a bike accident over the weekend in Venice. After the accident -- in which she fell off her bike after swerving to miss a car -- she tweeted: "Let this be a lesson... if you have a driver's license you probably don't need to be on a bmx bike." Ouch. Hopefully she'll tweet a picture of her face after the accident. The only thing she's posted so far is that before picture, above.

UPDATE: I've just been told that actually is Samantha's face after the accident. My bad.

  • Anu

    Get better soon!

  • scott

    Bet she wasn't wearing a helmet.

  • nom

    Hahaha I was gonna say, isn't that what she usually looks like!? Haha

  • Nudgie

    This is your face.

    This is your face with Lindsay (TH) on it.

    Any questions?

  • Gdrive

    OMG!! She's ugly now!!

  • anon

    learn a lesson? gaurantee you it was her fault to begin with...

  • horny pig

    She must have eaten some bad snapper

  • Anonymous


  • Hawk

    Time to get a big boy bike Sam.

  • Paul

    Evil Sam gets her just dues. After all she and her band to terroristic PR Flacks have done to poor LiLo.

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