Patricia Beck

Brazilian model Patricia Beck

*22 Patricia Beck pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Patricia Beck Model 5
  • Oouu Noouu

    Fresh and interesting news from basketball world! -

  • Goatlips

    Where have all the short squat hairy American models gone to? Bring them back.

  • Wellon Dowd

    What the fuck do they put in the water down there?!

  • Hawk

    Must be all that pure Aryan blood from when Germans settled in South America after WW2.

    Which is why we have 6ft blonde brazillians like Gisele.

  • Jay


  • Anonymous

    She is stealing jobs from American models, and unfairly putting them out of work. American models cannot compete against such cheap foreign labor.

  • Hawk

    Like her.

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