*pukes in mouth*

If we never talk about this story again, we can pretend it didn't happen. From the San Francisco Chronicle:
Pop star Kesha has taken up a saucy new hobby to keep her amused on tour - naked painting. The "TiK ToK" hitmaker is currently on the road in the U.S. and the monotony of touring has inspired her to seek new ways of staving off boredom. And she's come up with a bizarre activity to keep her mind occupied - she strips off and rolls around on a paint-splattered canvas.

Kesha tells music magazine Q, "I have recently taken up painting as a way of killing time on tour. I got a big canvas, threw some paints down and then stripped off and rolled around on it. It's very liberating. And very, very messy."
Ke$ha honey, you're trying too hard. If you want to generate fake publicity like some of your contemporaries, you can't announce a hobby as mundane as naked body painting. You've got to up the ante. Instead of wearing an outfit made out of animal meat, you have to wear human cadavers. And instead of releasing a sex tape, you have to "accidentally leak" a snuff film. Pffft, naked body painting? What is this, 1997?

*5 Ke$ha pictures total in the gallery:

  • Kesha Freak 1
  • Kesha Freak 2
  • Kesha Freak 3
  • Kesha Freak 4
  • Kesha Freak 5
[Pacific Coast News]
  • Gorn


  • WTF

    Kesha is still way behind in the "trying way too hard to be controversial" contest with Gaga, they should both go away.

    Gaga: "I eat my own boogers because the residual coke gives me just the right high to write songs."

    Kesha:"Oh yeah? Well...well...I make spitballs with my own poop, just cuz I am THAT COOL!"

  • Jake

    A chick with a hot body gets naked.

    I'm not understanding the problem here. Do you not like hot naked women?

  • Carlos

    Well, that explains why all of Kesha's paintings have a giant, hairy canyon in them.

    -I will never us "$" in anyone's name.

  • Anonymous

    She looks more than hot enough to roll around on a piece of paint spattered canvas with her. Doing the nasty in color, what a turn on.

  • Nick Manning

    In the first picture...Ke$ha looks....kind of...hot....

    Of course there's a huge towl blocking her body and you can see good side-boob. But Ke$sha looks kind of hot...in the first picture.

  • Hawk

    $hut up Ke$ha!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Ladies,

    Wake up in the morning feeling I am One under GOD!

    (Hey, what up Holy Spirit?)

    Grab my Bible, I am out the door, I am gonna hit this city!

    Do Not Stop, Make it Healthy

    Santa Mary Do Not Suck My Toes Up

    Tonight I amma Fight

    Until We See the Holy Light

    Tick Tock on the Clock

    But the Unity under GOD does not Stop, No


    Let us Now be One under GOD,

    Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All!

    Greetings and GOD Bless,

    Jurgen R. Brul

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