Amy Poehler at the PGA Awards in January (left) and at the Hoodwinked Too premiere on Saturday (right)

The premiere of Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil was Saturday night at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO AMY POEHLER?!? That's her in January on the left and attending the Saturday premiere on the right. Actually, I shouldn't use the word "attending" -- "haunting" would be more appropriate. She looks like she just crawled out of a cemetery plot to wreak vengeance on those who wronged her.

*20 Amy Poehler pictures total in the gallery:

  • Amy Poehler Haggard 1
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 2
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 3
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 4
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 5
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 6
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 1
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 2
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 3
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 4
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 5
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 6
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 7
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 8
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 9
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 10
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 11
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 12
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 13
  • Amy Poehler Haggard 14
  • Aggie

    She's clearly sick. Posts that ignore the obvious piss me off. Don't pretend you actually think she looks this rough all the time.

  • Eric26

    Most normal people would drop dead trying to keep up with her schedule. She is also, obviously, much more talented and funny than most people, so leave her the eff alone.

  • Ethan

    She looks tired, not ugly.

    Besides, most of you haters probably don't look half this good on your best day...

  • Bex

    Oh, sod off. She's got a new baby, could it possibly be that she's more tired/less airbrushed than normal? Jeez, people, give the woman a break.

  • perry simon

    She has a toddler, infant, works insane hours at a demanding job... these are all likely reasons why she looks tired. She is adorable and talented and I doubt she cares what you think of her makeup or what you think of her in general.

  • Candace

    She just had a baby a few months ago, helms a hit TV show and appears periodically on other shows like SNL. She's probably fricking tired, folks.

    Wow, it's not enough to be a comic genius, to have a hit show, be a young mom of two and wife to another talented person (Will Arnett). She's a woman she's she's got to look hot all the time too.

    Way to focus on what's REALLY important,

  • wendy

    She's got a brand new infant and a toddler at home. Big surprise, humans sometimes look like this when they are tired! I bet most of us don't look much better when we're tired...

  • btdt

    This has "I have a baby at home so why don't you STFU" written all over it. Good on her. She's awesome.

  • Batman

    The Joker probably put stuffs in Make Up. That's why she cannot use her.

  • Lola

    Didnt she just have a baby? That coupled with dealing with the flu or cold may have caused this.

  • Master yoda

    Kids ruin some people.

    Looks kinda like she was up 48 hrs in a row eating butter.

  • johnson

    Yikes....looks like a faces-of-meth before and after

  • DP

    Guess she's the latest Sith Lord...

  • Jay

    Nice one lmao

  • Hawk

    Good one.

  • biff steele

    I was going to "pole her" until I saw that photo!

  • Anonymous

    The power of makeup. Some women don't need much, if any. Some need lots and lots of makeup, to keep from scaring the horses, and making little children scream in freight. It looks like Amy is in the last catagory.

  • Hawk

    Didn't she have another kid recently?

    Still, a little makeup wouldn't kill you Amy.

  • wawa

    Wow. She looked great in January.

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