Amy Hixson

American model Amy Hixson

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  • Barnardo

    UMMMM there are stars over her tits. It is obscuring my view of her tits. Please post pics with the aforementioned stars removed. TIA.

  • Zac

    Not enough curves

  • Anonymous

    She is skinny because all the foreign models are making it hard for her to find work, except as a hooker or waitress. Because of the foreign models stealing jobs she probably doesn't eat regularly. Poor thing, her pride keeps her from working as a hooker or waitress.

  • Jay


  • Anonymous

    Skinny can be sexy, but this girl has a weird shape.

  • anonymous

    All I can think of when I look at that picture is Auschwitz - how sexy is that???????? Gross.

  • Jay

    Put here back in the concentration camp where she came from.

  • Fatass

    Three cheers for anorexia!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Still too fat. Her limbs are corrupted by fatness and lack the grace of the water hose she holds.

  • coruja

    yes, she has the grace of a giraffe.

  • Buffy

    She has a georgeous body. Slim trim and fit. This girl does not overeat and steal food from the starving. This is the kind of body all women should have. I approve of her.

  • Chiefs420

    You're an idiot.

  • coruja

    no wonder you need foreign models.

  • Wellon Dowd

    What a fat pig!

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