Zita Galgociova

Slovakian model Zita Galgociova

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  • Mark

    Photoshop me much???? that waist is like Kim Kardashian in VOgue magazine LMFAO!!!!! fake fake hair, boobs, waist, belly button... hahaha i bet she looks like snookie without photoshop!

  • Bob

    LMAO at the fail photoshop. Smooth belly button.

  • 8 inches

    Looking at this Slovakian chick, all I can think of is the movie "Hostel".

  • jenks

    Photoshop FAIL. Shrunk her body but left her head HUGE :D

  • Gorn


  • Al

    Are you okay with the Brazilian and South African models doing the same thing?

  • Anonymous

    No, I am not; however, all they are doing is stealing jobs and putting American models out of work, and forcing them to either work as a waitress or hooker. They are not stealing our National secrets, and Obama's energy independence secrets. The eastern european and russian models are.

  • Anonymous

    Those eastern european and russian models are coming to the U.S. to steal our secrets and put American models out of work.

    Its just not fair

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