Will Smith at the premiere of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never at the Nokia Theatre in L.A. (2/8)

Will Smith laughs at you mouth-breathers who fly commercial, laughs I tell you! From the Chicago Sun Times:
Superstar Will Smith is a first-class kind of guy — literally. When the actor discovered Aer Lingus had him booked in coach for a 50-minute flight from Dublin to Manchester, England, Smith immediately plunked down $15,000 to charter a private jet for the trip.

Will and his clan are accompanying daughter Willow Smith on her European tour with Justin Bieber.
$15,000 for a 50-minute ride? That sounds like something Rachel Uchitel would charge.

*6 Will Smith pictures total in the gallery:

  • Will Smith Private Jet 1
  • Will Smith Private Jet 2
  • Will Smith Private Jet 3
  • Will Smith Private Jet 4
  • Will Smith Private Jet 5

  • S h

    This guy and his kids are rich and talentless!! The world doesn't revolve around him. Thank god NYC for towing his trailer!!

  • XYZ

    WILL SMITH's new look - a hump, long hair and a parasitic/siamese twin - is gorgeous.

  • whackadoo

    We've got to stop giving these types of people money.

  • Govt. Cheese

    Way to go you racist moron. I love internet gangstas and their keyboard courage...

  • suzieque

    honestly, $15K is nothing to that guy, and if I had his money I would do exactly the same thing, STAT!

  • betterthanthat

    WTF...he can afford it.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he didn't wanted to use a regular planes 'cause it reminded him of those planes Xenu used to fly those aliens here to Earth. Tom Cruise wouldn't speak to the Fresh Prince again if he got on one of those planes

  • guestspeaker

    in Will Smith's life $50,000=$50..

    i'd blow off you guys in coach as well

    see how I used "blow" in that sentence? in line with the Rachel Uchitel them

  • Anonymous

    Willow Smith is a singer?

  • Fawks

    God I hate his talentless kids

  • Hawk

    "$15,000 for a 50-minute ride? That sounds like something Rachel Uchitel would charge."


  • Jay

    Coach class sucks. I cannot blame him.

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