Paula Abdul and her boyfriend arriving at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood (3/1)

Since being fired from American Idol, I think the world has sorta forgotten just how crazy Paula Abdul is. Luckily she provided a friendly reminder by accusing her boyfriend of kidnapping her on Valentine's Day (audio of her phone call to 911 on PAGE 2). From TMZ:
During the call -- placed at 4:35 PM on Valentine's Day [from their car] -- Paula cries and sobs hysterically and says, "I wanna go, and he won't let me!" Seconds later Paula says, "Are you gonna drop me off 'cause I have emergency on the phone" -- and shortly after that she says, "He's dropping me off."

Officers got in touch with Paula about an hour later and she said it was just a verbal dispute. We're told Paula and the guy were driving near Santa Barbara when the epic argument erupted. Cops went to her house that night and found she was fine. Paula did not want to file a police report.
Paula Abdul has a boyfriend? What guy in his right mind would go out with that nutcase? Dating Paula is a lot like Charlie Sheen's porcelain teeth: you know it's only a matter of time before they both come unglued.

*11 Paula Abdul pictures total in the gallery:

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  • Paula Abdul 911 Call 1
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  • Paula Abdul 911 Call 3
  • Paula Abdul 911 Call 4
  • Paula Abdul 911 Call 5
[Pacific Coast News]

    ummmm...911 calls are considered part of the public record and NOT protected by privacy laws, amiright?

  • Annie

    First of, get your facts straight. That is not her boyfriend in the pic, it's Jimmy Demers, her long time friend.

    Secondly, I suppose you find a 911 call funny. How lame can you get.

    I hope Paula is ok. As as for that scumbag, whoever he is, the hell with him.

    And to everyone who rights crap about Paula, you only wish you had the talent that she has. Coz you wouldn't last 5 minutes in her shoes.

  • Anonymous

    wow, you guys are pathetic for calling this crazy, calling 911 is not a joke, this is serious. 911 just lost all credibility for leaking something like this. this is just pathetic and shallow, poor paula.

  • mel

    10 bucks says paula is just as hairy as those kardashian samsquanches. probably smells like a human fire hydrant too.

  • Dee

    To all you people who insist on assasinating this woman's character by continually degrading her with these unfounded accusations and ridiculous stories are just sad,sad,sad individuals. IMO. All I can say is..."cn" I'm damn glad you don't work for my area's 911 dispatch. LOL!!

    One more thing. This "nut" as you call her is Rich..Famous..Talented..Smart..and CARES about other people.

    You could learn a lesson from her!!!!!

  • cn

    The only lesson this crazy bitch could teach me is where to hide my prescription meds!

  • cn

    This bitch is nuts. always has been and always will be. Obviously she was not in any danger (read the story) or else it would not be such a joke. and Paula please don't tie up 911 for fake calls, let's leave them open for the REAL people who are being kidnapped/murdered/raped. thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Are you not being a little harsh and spitefull with Paula?

  • Bennie

    I don't know if Paula is nuts or not, but I suspect she is probably no more nuts than the other million or so people that live in Hollywierd. I do know that she is beautiful and smoking, molten lava hot looking. I bet she is a real handful between the sheets.

  • Liz

    I don't think that's any of your business.

  • Jo

    Completely agree with every point Anonymous made. It's pretty unbelievable with genuine lunatics like Charlie Sheen roaming free, that people would pick on a woman who made a distressed call to 911 when she felt threatened; a call that should never, under any circumstances have been made public. Celebrities should have the same rights as everyeone else, and that should include being able to call 911 when necessary without it being leaked to public. What if there's a next time and she gets seriously hurt because calling 911 apparently isn't safe?

  • Sue

    Wow you people will write anything without checking the facts just to write a story. That is not her boyfriend. That's her friend Jimmy Demers which she was been friends with for over 20 years. I believe he was even a backup singer for one of her songs. From what I hear from Paula's fans that have meet him he is a really great guy. He is an awesome singer and he is gay. Google him you can read all about him and listen to his songs.

  • Anonymous

    1) That's not her boyfriend in the picture. Do your homework.

    2) The woman felt threatened, was scared and upset because whoever drove her car wouldn't let her out when she asked to be dropped off. How would you feel?

    3) In situations like that, it's perfectly sane and reasonable to call 911. That's what they are there for. To help people in dangerous situations.

    4) The person who provided that phone call to TMZ should get sued. It's a gross violation of privacy.

    5) What makes you think she is nuts? She was in a dangerous situation and she did the right thing - call 911. No woman should ever have to beg and cry to be let out of her own car. Who knows what else might have happened to her. She set a good example for other women by calling 911 and she should NOT be ridiculed for that.

  • guy kawasaki

    Paula...get off the computer

  • Nea

    LOL - I take that as a compliment!

  • Anonymous

    That's not her boyfriend. It's her friend, Jimmy. Get your facts straight.

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