Jenelle Evans' mug shot

Teen Mom 2
"star" Jenelle Evans was arrested yesterday in North Carolina. She's charged with simple affray and simple assault after TMZ posted a pretty awesome video of her beating the shit out of Brittany Truett (below). See, Jenelle said Skoal Long Cut Wintergreen dip is the best but Brittany -- on no she di'int -- said Kodiak has a smoother flavor. And then it was on motherfucker. What, you thought two 18-year-old hicks from North Carolina would be fighting over something like who the better poet was, Shakespeare or Chaucer?


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  • Dustybass

    I think this is that ugly pig who goes out with some reject who calls himself kweefer.

  • Paulo

    she looks like Paris, Michael Jackson daughter

  • Paula

    I would have split that dumb white trash hoe in her fucking face.

  • Mrs

    That's neither brutal nor a fight.

  • jman

    You can't buy class like that. You are born with it. You got to love that no matter where you are in this country there is always some fat black bitch running her monkey lips for no other reason than to justify the stereotypes laid down for 100's of years. Shut up you fat black ape! It isn't your fight.

  • Lauren

    I love how you bypassed the video and took the time to make an out of line extremely racist comment. Racist beliefs will take you far in life.

  • Dan

    Everything so pathetic and what a poor human being you have to be to cheer while those two girls where fighting.

  • Erin E.

    Its the white trash version of a fame whore. She knows she will get some good publicity for these little shenanigans.

  • Master yoda

    They might need to add a little chlorine to gene pool. Not looking good.

  • blonde

    America is so lucky she bred! Good luck to her kid and the rest of the South.

  • Mari

    This video made me sick...what's wrong with these people?? I don't understand how people can get off on this kind of violence. This is definitely the evil side of humanity

  • Ridge Runner

    That was not even a fight or violence. Just a little tussel. There was no blood, no eye gouging, or ear biting. Naw that was just a mild female spat.

    Now when violence erupts, things get settled. Thats the beauty of controlled violence it establishes who is boss hoss and whos top dog or underdog.

  • Mari

    I had a feeling someone would respond with this. Even if there is no blood and nothing serious happens...doesnt change the fact that continually punching someone while other people are cheering on and telling you how to hurt the person next is sick and wrong. Instances like this can and have gotten out of control where people end up beating each other to death.

    Establishing who is "top dog" in such a way is pretty pathetic. You dont like someone, dont surround yourself with them. Simple.

  • Gianna

    They were probably fighting over the worst guy in town if maury povich and jerry springer have taught me anything.

  • asfdl

    That's strange because the white trash seems so progressive with their African-American friends.

  • Bill Cosby

    these teens aren't white trash.

    these teens are wiggers.

    there's a difference.

  • Harry

    Check out that snoooz on the sideview!!!

  • Gdrive

    Thanks for the laugh Nick lol

  • horny pig

    Typical white trailer trash .. I would punch her in the puddy lips and then bang her. That's how these trailer park girls like it.

  • Hawk

    She's Daddy's little girl...

  • Tom

    All of the teen moms look like trash, with their trashy ass baby daddies. Damn american youth.

  • Nick Manning

    Jenelle is so white trash that she's kind of hot. I would bang her.

    There Teen Moms I would bang.

    1. Maci

    2. Farrah

    3. Chelsea

    4. Jenelle

  • Ridge Runner

    Hay California boy, such things as the best dip are important issues in these parts. So don't make fun.

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