Mariah Carey is huge

Mariah Carey posted a picture of her pregnant belly on Twitter earlier today and holy crap she's huge. Of course she decorated it because she's nine and completely insane. But anyways, holy crap she's huge. Hope Nick Cannon enjoyed the sex with Mariah during their first few years of marriage, because now it's gonna feel like he's banging a ghost.

  • Anu

    If I ever had been pregnant (which my smart mind didn't let me *phew*) - I for sure would have taken pics - but only for myself and maybe also had been painting the belly - what I for sure would have been doing was making a plaster cast.

  • Julie

    That isn't her stomach - that is a belly double - She is a fat cow and that is NO WAY her!

  • Peter

    Sexy body. If Nick isn't banging that twice a night right now, he is crazy. Women get twice as hot after the 7th month.

  • Anonymous

    thats f- ing disgusting. why do these woman think anyone wants to see that? cover it up- it was gross when Demi did it in the 90's and its still disgusting. What a slob.

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