Lindsay Lohan leaving the London West Hollywood Hotel (3/1)

Lindsay Lohan was left humiliated on Sunday after the doorman wouldn't let her into Madonna and Demi Moore's post-Oscars party. Damn, that sucks for Lindsay. I bet there was some pretty sweet jewelry to be pocketed using her patented "handshake while unhooking diamond tennis bracelet at the same time" maneuver. From the New York Daily News:
To make matters worse, we hear that as she was pleading her case, [Josh] Brolin rolled up and was shot down in his gallant attempt to help. After the "True Grit" actor greeted her with a kiss on the cheek, LiLo asked Brolin if he could get her in the door. Brolin obliged, but another source familiar with the incident tells us the party's gatekeepers firmly held their ground. We're told Brolin reacted by saying, "Don't you know who this is?" The door people replied that yes, they did know who Lohan was - and she wasn't coming in.

Even Brolin's insistence that "She's with me" fell on deaf ears. Eventually he ambled inside without her, leaving the recently rehabbed actress to proclaim, "This is so humiliating."
Is Lindsay surprised? The only people that want a thief to join their party are Democrats. *rimshot*. I kid, I kid. Seriously though, this has got to be pretty embarrassing for Lindsay. Not only was she turned down by the doormen because she's no longer famous enough, but she was turned down even though she's got huge boobs. I mean come on, has there ever been a chick with an enormous rack that didn't get everything she wanted in life? Exactly.

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  • crtb

    But they let Charlie Sheen, Kate Moss, Pam Anderson, Courtney Love, Whitney Houston, Paris hilton, George Michaels, Snoop Dog, Mischa Barton, Keith Richards,DMX, Amy Winehouse, Andy Dick in but god forbid Lindsey Lohan!!!

  • Eric

    Lindsay is sexy but those shoes are hideous!

  • Gorn

    I most certainly do not suck Lindsay.

  • Nate

    bullshit! She was invited. She was let in.

  • Zbone

    TMZ should find someone else to put down. I don't know what she has done to deserve all the hate from you guys.

  • Fred

    Don't worry Linds, you are young and fresh. Madonna and Demi are washed up, middle aged has-beens trying to pretend they are still young and vibrant. They have to pay boytoys to sleep with them.

  • anonymous

    and yet somehow LL, Madonna, and Demi all look like they could all been in the exact same graduating class.

    They all look old as hell.

  • Def


    I hear the ELK's lodge will let her in for bingo night.

  • joe

    I guess that's what passes for political humor on a site that exists only to show celebrity nipple slips?

  • Sergeant Slaughter

    Poor baby. Were your poor little feewings hurt? Want a blankey?

  • Hawk

    Welcome back to the real world Linds.

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