Lady Gaga leaving her hotel in Toronto (3/4)

No, I don't mean her outfit (I have that same top at home). What's disturbing is that Lady Gaga is now using toddlers as props (video below). From Fox:
Has [Lady Gaga] gone too far in her latest explicit shoot taken for a Supreme advertisement to appear in Purple Magazine?

A one-minute, behind-of-the-scenes video of the shoot, which was photographed by celebrity Terry Richardson (who also shot the controversial “Glee” pictures for GQ last year) features Gaga fondling her breast, licking her bicep, attempting to pull her t-shirt down over her lady parts, and seductively straddling a skateboard between her legs.

However, around the 47-second mark a male toddler randomly enters the equation - wearing a “Supreme” t-shirt while holding Lady Gaga’s hand, nand doing a “thumbs up” as seemingly instructed by Richardson. At this point, the 24-year-old songstress is donning a sexy black bra/panties set, fishnets and is doused in silver jewelry.
Lady Gaga doesn't bare her body and push the boundaries of good taste for art's sake. She does it for her album sales' sake. But walking around half-naked with a child is taking things a little too far. Who does she think she is, Roman Polanski? If Lady Gaga really wants to use a child as a prop, she should just do what the rest of Hollywood does: adopt.

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  • Joseph

    You can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can take the trailer park out of the girl!She has taste for shit, but I do love her "not give a shit tude"

  • Apostate

    Lady Gag Reflex's latest publicity stunt....Yawn!

  • Anonymous

    she should just pose in playboy or do something nude shes to amazing, i would jerk it to her and tap that ass

  • Anonymous

    You are right, she is a sex symbol that most of the known and unknown world hungers for. We just cannot get enough of the glorious goddess. Nude GaGa would probably cause heart attacks, how many could look upon such beauty.

  • Anonymous

    Disgusting. Feed it to Kirstie Alley just below.

  • Paul

    Lady GaGa is one of the foremost artists of our age. She is an accomplished innovative and ultra-talented singer, dancer, and musician. To top it off she is also a forwared looking cutting edge fashionista and has a genius leve intellect. Did I mention she is also very rich. All of this wrapped up in a beautifully shaped body and the face of an angel.

    All Hail Lady GaGa. She could only be a good influance and inspiration to a young boy. If we are lucky, some day she might deside to run for president.

  • bzero3

    Better naked, otherwise I wouldn't have paid attention.

    Looking forward to the leaked sex tape.

  • TMS


    She'll stop doing this stuff if you stop freaking out about it.

    But from the neck down Stephani is AMAZING. Love that dancer body.

  • cheapprick

    I think history will show this chick has a penis.

  • atropos77

    You guys must not cover Gaga very often. I would hardly classify that as 'shocking' compared to the rest of her character's actions the past few years. (And by the way, Lady Gaga is very much Stefani Germanotta's 'character'.) It's how the fame scene works these days. You have to be a little bit shocking to get attention and attract sales. She knows how to play the game. If you're shocked by people who wear outrageous outfits and make crazy videos, then you're either a shut-in or some moralistic kook and you just need to cram it. Who gives a rat's @ss?

  • wtf

    She's a disgusting pig.

  • Hawk

    Are we done with her yet?

  • wawa

    You have to admit, that's pretty shocking. I'm certainly shocked by her behavior. Quite shocked to say the least.

    Thanks for continuing to cover such a shocking character.

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