Lady Gaga leaving her hotel in Toronto (3/4)

No, I don't mean her outfit (I have that same top at home). What's disturbing is that Lady Gaga is now using toddlers as props (video below). From Fox:
Has [Lady Gaga] gone too far in her latest explicit shoot taken for a Supreme advertisement to appear in Purple Magazine?

A one-minute, behind-of-the-scenes video of the shoot, which was photographed by celebrity Terry Richardson (who also shot the controversial “Glee” pictures for GQ last year) features Gaga fondling her breast, licking her bicep, attempting to pull her t-shirt down over her lady parts, and seductively straddling a skateboard between her legs.

However, around the 47-second mark a male toddler randomly enters the equation - wearing a “Supreme” t-shirt while holding Lady Gaga’s hand, nand doing a “thumbs up” as seemingly instructed by Richardson. At this point, the 24-year-old songstress is donning a sexy black bra/panties set, fishnets and is doused in silver jewelry.
Lady Gaga doesn't bare her body and push the boundaries of good taste for art's sake. She does it for her album sales' sake. But walking around half-naked with a child is taking things a little too far. Who does she think she is, Roman Polanski? If Lady Gaga really wants to use a child as a prop, she should just do what the rest of Hollywood does: adopt.

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