Aw yeah baby, just like that

Olivia Munn went to the Knicks/Hawks game last night in New York and, at one point, began seductively licking a lollipop. She was so distracting that fans actually stopped booing for a few seconds. *rimshot*

*2 Olivia Munn pictures total in the gallery:

  • Olivia Munn Lollipop 1
  • Olivia Munn Lollipop 2
  • Tilt Mars

    @your an idiot, first of all it's "you're" you little troll. Second, the Knicks are a busted ass team. Don't get your little girl underpanties in a wad because someone busted on your team. I bet you also follow the Mets too. frakkin' girl....

  • your an idiot

    too bad the fans werent booing last night dumbass the knicks won the game

  • Carlos

    Boy, Olivia is getting a hell of a lot of attention for having done absolutely nothing. She might as well be a training cadaver.

  • Jay

    Don't be a tease, honey...take it into your mouth.

  • Hawk

    Have they cancelled god awful sitcom she's on yet?

  • Gorn

    Heh Didn't know they gave her a sitcom too, jeez.

  • Nick Manning

    Seems like she knows what she's going with that sucker. I guess whomever is her man now is a lucky guy.

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