Megan Fox leaving a salon in West Hollywood (1/24)

And now, the hottest story ever about Megan Fox. From Showbiz Spy:
Megan Fox is disappearing before our eyes. Sources say the actress — who’s married to actor Brian Austin Green — has the same waist size as her eight-year-old stepson Kassius after she put herself on an extremely strict 1,000 calorie-a-day diet. Megan apparently weighs just 102 lbs

“She’s wearing tiny jeans,” a Megan insider told Britain’s Now magazine. “Meg might like the way her body looks, but her legs are too thin and she won’t listen to anyone who tries to tell her to put on weight. She’s happy with the way she looks and says she’s eating balanced meals. Megan loves sushi. She’s not eating anything bad — just not eating enough.”
Why are people complaining that Megan's too skinny? 102 pounds seems like the ideal weight for a little lap bunny like her. If she had any more weight on her, she'd ruin the illusion of being 15. Megan better be careful though. If she loses any more weight, she may find herself fading into oblivion like a starving Somali refugee or Jason Bigg's career. Who? Exactly.

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  • Anonymous

    Buffy you're a total tard.

  • Buffy

    Being overweight = food thief. Overweight people eat more than their fair share of food, stealing it from others and causing world hunger. Their are riots in the mideast because people are hungery and food is too expensive. Why is food so expensive, becasue fat Americans are eating it up. Any woman over 105 pounds is too fact, any man over 160 pounds is too fat. Fat greedy americans need to eat less and eat healthy. Follow the first ladies dietary advice.

  • Litsa

    I agree with Trolly. This isn't a place to voice your opinion. It's a place to check out hot chicks and comment on their tits and ass.

  • Trolly McTrollerson

    Looks like Morgan, Carly and Towel fell victim to one of the most obvious trolls I've ever had the misfortune of coming across.

  • Anonymous

    @ Parker and Morgan---Relying on a total weight figure is meaningless in determining fit vs fat.

    A person's body will look completely different carrying 20% body fat on their frame versus carry <10% at the exact same total body weight.

    Megan could gain 5-10lbs of muscle, eat healthy and work out and have her body look just as it does now...maybe even better and healthier.

  • Parker

    You dont have to be fat to be overweight, scientific fact. Muscle has weight to it so if a 100 lb woman adds 10 lbs of muscle she's still the same 10 lbs overweight she'd be if she added 10 lbs of fat.

  • Carly

    morgan is right. Parker, what are you talking about? 100lbs is NOT an average....

  • towel

    Perhaps she's on a hunger strike because, for some reason, she's not being offered any roles.

    PS. I'd call Parker an idiot, but that wouldn't be nice. To all the idiots.

  • Morgan

    It's really unfourtunate you were taught that a woman over 100lbs is borderline overweight or fat. I'd say most celebrity women are around 110-120, and they are fucking skinny. Normal, healthy weight ranges for women is more like 120 - 150 lbs you fucking assholes. READ A BOOK

  • Parker

    You dummy, being underweight isn't detrimental to womens' health. Clearly someone missed the latest issue of Hustler. Most normal women weigh right around 100 lbs, scientific fact. The rest are either borderline overweight or fat.

  • Michelle


    Are you fucking retarded? Being underweight is just as detrimental to one's health, if not far more so, than being overweight. Clearly someone missed out on high school health class.

  • Whippet

    Obesity related diseases is the second biggest killer in the US today after tobacco smoking related diseases, according to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

    There are no (none) diseases related to being underweight. Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia, however, are another issue.

    However, the incidence of these versus overweight issues in the USA pales into insignificance.

    You sure you want to fight with insults (which make you look stupid) or facts?

  • Whippet

    Always funny how anybody who loses weight or becomes slightly thinner than normal in Hollywood becomes major news, yet, the same don't seem to apply to the dozens and dozens of those becoming overweight or obese.

    Let us not kid ourselves; obesity related diseases are far, far more common and dangerous than anything related to being underweight.

    Another example of upside-down thinking in the US of A.

  • Hawk

    I guess if the acting work dries up she can get a job modelling clothes for Gap Kids.

  • greyphantom

    She has had considerable body lipo sculpting prior to her thinner day. Too bad her doc way overdid the work around the insides of her thighs as well as above the knee area. Now that she's skeletal, thus leaving her with 'scooped' out looking inner thighs and boney knees. Too bad, they created a nice long torso (rib removal) and so on, but they took away some things they should have left. Aesthetic malpractice, at the client's behest of course.

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