Lindsay Lohan DENIED

Lindsay Lohan showed up to a private party Friday night at the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood, but was promptly turned away at the door. According to Pacific Coast News, she then immediately left the venue through the garage. You really can't blame the doormen for not letting Lindsay in. She's pretty damn serious about her sobriety. They don't need her walking around the party passing out pamphlets about letting Jesus into your heart and how "alcohol is not the answer." Because I bet that's what she would have done.

*5 Lindsay Lohan pictures total in the gallery:

  • Lindsay Lohan Club Kick Out 1
  • Lindsay Lohan Club Kick Out 2
  • Lindsay Lohan Club Kick Out 3
  • Lindsay Lohan Club Kick Out 4
  • Lindsay Lohan Club Kick Out 5

[Pacific Coast News]
  • Gorn
  • Master yoda

    If it was a cash bar I would have let her in. Not that she would have the cash, but I think she might have some necklaces and stuff she could trade.

  • Hawk

    Nobody likes to drink in front of someone who is on the wagon.

    Stay at home Linds.

  • Anonymous

    Poor girl. :-(

  • Gdrive

    awesome news!

  • Nate

    Bull shit.

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