Kanye West hooks 16-year-old up

For the diva the media portrays him to be, Kanye West is actually a pretty laid back and cool dude. From the New York Post:
Kanye West paid a favor to artist George Condo on Saturday by performing at his daughter's sweet 16 party for free. Condo designed the controversial album cover art for West's latest album, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy." (West said on Twitter that one image of him straddled by a naked woman with wings was banned by some stores.) The "Runaway" rapper performed a 30-minute set on the third floor of the Standard Hotel. The teen's friend said West's cameo made the night "the best of their lives."
It must have been pretty cool to see Kanye up so close. Usually the only way to get that intimate with a rapper is to be a white chick who hates her father. *rimshot*

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  • Master yoda

    Hey, credit where credit is due. This guy has done some ignorant shit in the past few years, if he does some good.. it goes on his side of the ledger. It doesn't wipe out his stupidity, but it does balance things out.

    Good for him.

  • Hawk

    What a mensch.

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