Cameron Diaz (and Alex Rodriguez) leaving a gym in Venice, CA (2/17)

That's Cameron Diaz leaving a gym in Venice yesterday, just days before she's set to fly off to South Africa and compete against Mariusz Pudzianowski in The World's Strongest Man Competition. She's a solid 2/1 favorite to win, but I have my reservations. The refrigerator carry always seems to give her trouble.

True story: Right before this picture was taken, Cameron threw a car at the paparazzi. Do not fuck with her.

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  • Nicola

    I have to agree with the person that says this is no better than flabby. Why do these 40 year old women want to look like high school boys. They say men go through a mid-life crisis but these women are close to menopause are no better. They remind me of beef jerky.

  • PhilNYC

    I agree with the prior poster - buff women are so much sexier than the kate moss heroic chic models that starve themselves. Those women are picked by gay men and weirdly insecure women who edit fashion magazines. That is not to say that female bodybuilders, who dose up with steroids are hot. But short of that, I have never met or dated a woman who didn't get sexier when she started to workout seriously. This includes athletes I know who can lift serious weight. Go to to see women who can lift more than most guys you know and look sexier in bikinis than most women you know. Anyway, I think Cameron looks gorgeous. Phil

  • captaincarolina

    I think she looks HOT. Having dated women who are really athletic and fit, I can say hands down that they are the most fun in bed. For younger girls, they can be fit and maybe less defined. For anyone over 30, the alternative is either a fat saggy look or a anoxeric saggy look. Instead, the ones who get strong and buff still keep younger looking faces, tight skin, great legss and great asses. The thought of those legs wrapping around me and squeezing…wow.

  • Anonymous

    And the nose... the nose...

  • Master yoda

    A little creepy, maybe. Her body looks fine--some will like it, others won't.

    Kinda looks like someone put a barbie doll head on a Ken body.

  • Me

    Wow Chris Nolan have I got an idea for you, you hire Diaz for TDR and she can double as Bane and The Joker, saves paying two different actors

  • Anonymous

    Apparently her face is aging light years faster than her man body... Is she still doing (yellow let it mellow) saving the planet with the Al Gore's hoax?

  • Nissen

    She looks like serial killer Aileen Wuornos, who also looked like a man before she got the lethal injection.

  • Anonymous

    Who the f*ck keeps telling these 40+ year old women that looking like this is hot??? Granted, being flabby is no better, but at least you don't look like you are mummifying youself alive

  • Dragonlady76


    She looks like a man!

  • Apostate

    If future "The Incredible Hulk" flicks need a Doc Savage actor,Marvel execs needn't look any further...

  • XYZ

    The older she gets, the uglier she is. Even when she looked better, I failed to understand her appeal or notice her talent. Sorry, all u Cameron fans... Is she using the same skin cream with male hormons that Madonna uses too? Looks like. Now, definitely her male name suits her 100%. Good work, Cameron man!

  • knuckles

    I have looked @ this photo three times and yes all three times I have thrown up in my mouth. I'm a take one more look @ this dude!

  • Jay

    She has a mouth so broad you could stuff a grapefruit in it. That said, I think she is a very good actress.

  • Jethro

    Where did her boobs go??

  • Amanbouttown

    Not only does she have steely blue eyes of death, she is also more buffed up than Madonna. Gee, she is sort of starting to look like her. BTW, is it true that when women take steroids, their clits grow to giant size?

  • Nate

    No wonder her face looks different.

  • Hawk


    A-Rod is known for picking up girls at the gym, so I guess she's a gym rat now.

  • Lemme

    A-Rod's Winstrol dosed sperm seems to be having some unforeseen side effects. Bitch looks like she could tear the Yellow Pages in half. Damn straight Cameron is feeding A-Rod popcorn, 'cause dem guns she's holsterin' say so!

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