Alejandra Gutierrez

Venezuelan model and actress Alejandra Gutierrez

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  • Peppi

    I think this is more like Alejandro with fake everything and it's not pretty.

  • Suominen

    Oh gosh, why do they have to overedit pics? Just take a look at her skin and how she's all airbrushed, how they've made her look even bonier and so unreal. Is this really how we want it to be?

    The person who has edited this picture has failed completely. The changes are too obvious and she looks more like a doll than a human being.

    Isn't being beautiful enough anymore?

  • 8 inches

    That chick's nipples are more lopsided than Shannon Dougherty's eyes.

  • Anonymous

    Her boobs look way too big. Small perky breasts are kool and attractive, not big saggy ones.

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