Octomom: Coming soon to a fetish video near you

Well this is one way to pay the rent. Octomom is trying to sell a fetish video where she whips a man in a baby diaper and bonnet. From TMZ:
The video was shot recently in her L.A. area home.  The video shows Nadya Suleman, dressed in a black corset, black leggings and her body is kinda smokin'. Octo whips the dude in the diaper, so much so he has welts on his back. The video is being shopped for sale.  We're told both Nadya and the dude have signed the model release so it can be sold.
I don't get it. What kind of sick person would beat off to a video of a grown man in a diaper being punished? And I've beat off to the Sears Catalog before so it's not like I don't have range. Not Victoria's Secret. Sears.

*10 Octomom pictures total in the gallery:

  • Octomom Fetish Video 1
  • Octomom Fetish Video 2
  • Octomom Fetish Video 3
  • Octomom Fetish Video 4
  • Octomom Fetish Video 5
  • Octomom Fetish Video 6
  • Octomom Fetish Video 7
  • Octomom Fetish Video 8
  • Octomom Fetish Video 9
  • Octomom Fetish Video 10

[Pacific Coast News]
  • mel

    her lips remind me of what kim kardashian's corn wagon must looks like mid-cheese cutting.

  • major

    i wish i had more hands so i could give that plot 4 thumbs down.

  • Anonymous

    She looks better than Brooklyn Decker. I would poke at her till she squealed.

  • nice

  • Amanabouttown

    She just may make it big in porn. Many men and women would fing her strangly attractive. She could also try pole dancing and/or being a stripper. Kate Gosslin seems to be making it without having to resort to porn.

  • Anonymous

    im sure that isnt what suzie orman meant when she said to get an agent and do whatever you can to support your kids- sheesh

  • Hawk


  • Hyper


    The video - Meh, stranger things happen, some people need less time on their hands.

    Octomom - 'Yuck' on so many different levels.

  • Anonymous

    What red blooded studly man would not want to be whipped by the Octomom?

  • milesaugust

    These are words I never thought I would say- "Octomom has a nice dumper." I need a shower.

  • anonymous

    you need to look a more "dumpers"

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